Todd Lubar’s Journey to Success

Todd Lubar is the current President at TDL Global Ventures. He is one of the most successful businessmen in the state of Maryland. He specializes in real estate and finance and has worked in the real estate industry for over 20 years. He’s single-handedly attempting to turn around Baltimore’s real estate industry.

According to Patch, Todd became interested in real estate after realizing he had a desire to help others. This desire led to him become infatuated with every aspect of real estate and finance. While attending college he was gathering all the information he could on the business. After graduating he went to work at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. It wasn’t where he wanted to be but it was a start and he was able to learn the model of conservative Mortgage banking. What he learned there was invaluable.

He left the company and joined Legacy Financial group in 1999 in an equity position. he was with the company for three years before departing to start Legendary Properties, a residential development company. A year later he opened Charter Funding, capitalizing on the success of Legendary Properties. Charter Funding is a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial, a huge privately held mortgage company. You can visit for more.

Though Todd Lubar made a name for himself in mortgage banking and real estate they aren’t the only industries he’s ventured into. He started several companies in the demolition industry, nightclub industry, and he’s even dabbled in the recycling business. Though he is busy with a lot of separate endeavors his main focus is performing well in his role as the TDL Venture’s President.

Todd Lubar is a married man and father of two. When he’s not drowning in work he spends valuable time with his family and travels. He just strives to be a better person every day he’s alive. You can follow him on Twitter