Timeless ’80s Comedies


We have all watched a movie we thought was hilarious, only to find it fall flat a few years later. There are comedies from the ’80s that are still loved today. Some have even become almost cult classics.


One of those movies for teens is “Goonies” which was released in 1985. A group of misfits are in search of a pirates lost treasure in hopes of saving their home. The humor is high in this one and continues all the way through. The characters are very flawed, but so easy to love, possibly because we see a little of ourselves in each one.


Another iconic ‘80s comedy, though more for adults, is “The Blues Brothers.” A young Dan Aykroyd stars with John Belushi, both Saturday Night Live favorites. It is a ‘musical crime comedy’ filled with hilarity and the blues. Orphans, armature detectives and wanna-be blues singers, the duo sets out to save the orphanage where they were both raised. A great mix of music and hi jinks.


Often fantasy movies aren’t known for their humor; however, “Princess Bride” breaks the mold. The humor in this movie will be making you chuckle days, possibly years after watching. It is also one of those movies that you may miss some of the humor till the second, or third, time around, so it is worth watching again.  The crazy scenes make it one of the best movies to watch while tripping too.

So, whether you love pure comedy, teen comedy, or fantasy, whether you were alive in the ‘80s or not, these three movies will win you over to the lighter side of life.