The General Outlook Of Talos Energy Operations

Being focused on improving their exploration and general production of the most important sources of energy in the name of gases and oil, Talos Energy is making the unreachable recoverable. Their current strategy that’s guiding their operations is the exploration, acquisition, and exploitation of the regions at the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast using their expertise in every single operation.

It is only at Talos Energy where they strive to acquire those under-valued and consequently the under-exploited assets and transform them to be valuable again. They use their team of technical professionals to assess and analyze their assets before they effectively deploy their resources in their exploitation and drilling programs. They are also not ignorant of the geological trends that may be related to their assets thus they keep updating themselves.

Recently, Talos Energy provided various details that revolve around their strategy, operations, assets, and financial outlook and guidance for 2018 and the expectations in 2019. The company has great expectations of generating some cash flow on a pro forma basis after their debt service in 2018. The same expectation and strategy are to happen in 2019. The investment in their projects at Mexico assets and US will continue as usual.

Talos Energy aims to produce 49,000 -53,000 barrels every day so as to hit the production projected sales volume of 18-19.5 million barrels in 2018. They project the expenditure to range between $430 and $450 million. By September 2018, they aim to have completed drilling the well at Mt. Providence while Tornado #3 should produce their very first oil by 2019. The report was presented by the President and the CEO of the company, Mr. Timothy S. Duncan.

They also provided the financial guidance for 2018 in their website. While looking at the financial guidance keep in mind that Talos Energy is considered as Stone Energy acquirer for easier accounting purposes. Also look out for any other adjustments they have noted down to avoid confusion.

In 2019, they project to have their first oil from Boris #3, to continue with their Asset Management program, and to shut-in the Phoenix fields. The capital expenditure of 2019 is expected to remain the same as the one for 2018 while the appraisal for Zama fields will be their focus until its completion in 2020.

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