The Convenience of E-Governe

E-governe is a product that is developed by ICI to minimize inefficiencies within the public sector. E-governe has led to many developments in the municipalities and states where it is used. Osasco was one of the first municipalities to adopt E-governe within the education sector. This was done after officials at the municipal level agreed to deal with ICI. This is the developers of the platform. ICI supplied equipment, installed a logical network, and put up a service center for the department of education at the municipal headquarters in Sao Paulo. The education system covers all schools in the area and the continuing education centers and the departments.


The schools were given internet access. This allowed them to streamline many processes. It has helped to share reports easily because they can be sent over the network. Children also get access to educational content and material that help them to supplement their learning. E-governe has proven to be a reliable tool because a system administrator can control it. The administrator can set different access privileges for users so that they can control the functionality that anyone is able to access. Teachers can record the progress of their classes and enter the results of the children in one place. Its flexibility has made it possible to meet the growing demands of the system even with the addition of more units.


Several officials were invited to take part in a training program in Teresina Municipal. The program was developed to foster the acceleration of the implementation of the system within the departments. Meetings were held with representatives from some of the departments including the departments of finance, health, and education. These meetings were held to sort out how these services would be optimized for everyone. The first tool to be implemented helped in human resource management. The tool was initially used internally. City Hall expanded the system to serve the public. The Mayor of Teresina said that the system would play a huge role in shaping the quality of services that they provided. It was instrumental in helping to identify problems, speeding up the response, and going through the suggestions that they get.


An implementation of E-governe has also been deployed in the health sector. The need for this kind of solution arose because of the difficulty of managing the health secretariats at the municipals and the state level. E-governe is economical, functional, and easy to use. It has helped to eliminate many of the inefficiencies in hospitals. It can be integrated with the other units so that no upheaval can happen. It presents the schedules in a chart that is easy to view and understand. Appointments can be entered into the system so that the schedules of the physicians can be determined. This prevents overbooking that leads to delays and long queues in the hospital. E-governe also allows hospital employees to take inventory and check the drugs that are in stock. This allows them to schedule vaccinations and certain types of appointments from this data.