The Anticipation That Scottsdale Entrepreneur Jason Hope Experiences As a Futurist

There are many different types of futurists. One of the more common futurists is the type that look at technology in order to predict where the future is going. However, people don’t just make random predictions when they are looking to the future. Futurists get their ideas by looking at the trends and predicting where the world is going according to these trends. They could also influence the trends so that it could go where they feel it should go.

Among the futurists that are making a large impact on the world today is Scottsdale entrepreneur Jason Hope. Jason has chosen to be a futurist because he is very passionate about what he has learned about technology when it comes to the effect that it has on humanity as a whole.

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When Jason Hope looks at technology, he does not just look at the amount of fun and luxuries that it gives humanity. He looks at the advantages and problems that it solves first hand. While a lot of the new forms of technology have made it a lot easier for humans to have fun and spoil themselves, the real benefits have come with the amount of information that is available with the products.

The next step of progress when it comes to the future of technology is the connectivity that comes with the Internet of Things. This is one topic that has caught Jason Hope’s attention. He loves the idea of internet connection spreading to appliances and other items that are not originally computers. The smartphone and the tablet has opened the door for Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is going to make the world a much better life when it comes to the domestic environment and the workplace.

One thing that Jason Hope is very hopeful when it comes to technology is the idea of bio tech. Health is very important to humanity. Therefore, he is passionately working towards goals in which people are able to find newer and more effective treatments for illnesses.

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