Talk Fusion Bonus Trip to Milan

Talk Fusion, a leader in video marketing solutions for small business, has announced that an all expense paid trip to Milan will be another incentive for their independent associates. The luxury vacation “Destination: Milan” will take place December 2017 and Bob Reina, along with his leadership team, hopes it acts as motivation.


Milan is a beautiful destination, which is well known for being a fashion capital. The associates will have choices of Italian cuisine and beautiful sights to enjoy. Talk Fusion will fly the associate and their spouse there first class with hotel accommodations.


Talk Fusion has been known for their grand incentives. They hope to motivate their employees. In years past, vacations to Maui, Tampa, Orlando, and Dubai were offered. Other prizes included Rolex watches, Benz, and diamond rings. Reina fully believes in giving both his clients and his associates “the best of the best.”


The Milan trip incentive will included current employees of Talk Fusion as well as future. These associates, which span over 140 countries, will participate in the company’s first Instant Pay Compensation Plan. To go to Milan, the requirement is to reach the level of “Diamond” no later than October 2017. Maui, Hawaii will be offered in June.


Talk Fusion, a video marketing solutions company, offers video chat and other solutions for their clients to connect easily. They offer video chat, video email, and video newsletter among so much more! Reina started his company to make sure that people could connect easily anywhere at anytime. The award winning video chat proves he is meeting that goal.

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