End Citizens United Embraces Progressive Candidates

The November elections are going to change the way our political system works for some time to come. People are tired of the way the current system favors corporations and they want politicians willing to serve their interests. This is why End Citizens United was formed and it’s the reason the PAC has gained so much traction. People like what they have to offer and these progressives are shaping the path towards something much greater. It’s no surprise so many people are interested in what End Citizens United wants to do. It matches the zeitgeist of the current day.

The success of End Citizens United is going to show people that big money is not wanted. Since the Citizens United Supreme Court decision we’ve seen a rise in the amount of corporate spending out there and everything that it represents. This has led to incumbents that represent the will of special interests rather the the public. In order to keep this from going on there is a need to adjust how we think about our politics and how we approach it. It’s time to get rid of the big money influenced leaders and produce a new wave in their wake.

The PAC is currently focused on the Big Money 20. This is a group of politicians who have used big money to get elected and ignore what their voters want. They are the most vulnerable to an electoral challenge because they happen to be situated in areas with a strong progressive influence. If enough funding and support is given to challengers, it shouldn’t be too hard to have them come out on top. That’s what the PAC is trying to do with it’s current approach. They want to make sure we get what we are looking for in our candidates.

Whether or not End Citizens United succeeds will largely depend on how people decide to vote. If people take their message to heart, it might just be the case that we see a new wave of politicians spring up. It takes hard work to get things to work the way you want them to in politics. Things often go the wrong way and it’s far too common to see people miss out on something they seriously believed in. This PAC has so much planned for us now. They are only beginning to show what they can do for the public.

End Citizens United info: mothershipstrategies.com/case-study/end-citizens-united/