Doug Jones Being Endorsed By End Citizens United For Senate

End Citizens United has just announced that it is going to endorse Doug Jones, a Democrat, for U.S. Senate. It has given a lot of reasons why this is being done.

Doug Jones is a former U.S. attorney. He will be running in the special election in Alabama. This will be against Roy Moore and will be held on Dec. 12.

End Citizens United claims that Moore is an extremist who has a bigoted agenda. Hence he will be defending a corrupt system in Washington. This is why it is important that he does not reach the Senate as he will be promoting their special interests while ignoring the everyday needs of the Alabamians. All this was announced by End Citizens United in a statement.

They say that Roy Moore has a radical agenda. This should not reach the U.S. Senate. He has an extreme ideology. This is in deep contrast to the values of Alabama and even America. While he was in Washington, Moore was giving the Big Money spenders having special interests much more importance than politics. In this way, Moore has been embarrassing Alabamians repeatedly. In addition, Moore and his wife have made over $1 million. This was from a charity owned and controlled by them.

This is why End Citizens United is endorsing Doug Jones who is known for being a man of character along with integrity. He has always been known to be a strong prosecutor. He always does what is right. He will be moving with the same commitment to the Congress. He will be able to unrig the system so that it starts to work for all Americans.

People of Alabama have been watching how Washington is leaving them behind. They are looking for reform that will empower voters. They will like to upend the broken system as it is prioritizing the deep-pocketed interests. These are ignoring the everyday needs of the Alabamians. Even Jones is keen to work with End Citizens United as he would like to curb this corrupting influence that Big Money is able to exert in politics.

End Citizens United has made certain other revelations too. They say that Moore is aligned with several special interest mega-donors who do shady businesses. These include the Mercer family as well as their close aide, Steve Bannon.

End Citizens United feels that the campaign of Moore is being supported by hate groups along with secretive organizations having dark money. He will only aid in promoting their causes in case he reaches the Senate.

This is something that End Citizens United will not like to happen. Hence it has decided to endorse Jones who is a committed person and understands the needs of the Albanians well.

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