Complaint Filed to Rick Scott – Courtesy of End Citizens United

End Citizens United serves as a committee consisting of political analysts and advocates. Their movements have observed various actions done by politicians for the sake of the citizens. This time, they filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission in order to file charges against Rick Scott. According to the filed complaint, Scott was allegedly using a “super PAC” in an illegal means to support his campaign for running as Senator. As of now, the coffers for Scott’s campaign is set at the $76 million mark.

The accusation of the End Citizens United against Scott includes the violation of the Anti-Coordination Law with the PAC of the New Republicans where Scott was the former chairman until he decided to run for Senator. This is where the super PAC decided to raise and spend as much money in order to support Scott in the upcoming elections.

Adam Bozzi, the communications director of the End Citizens United, states that Scott is more focused on running for politics than observing how the law acts. That’s why Bozzi concluded that Scott us using the super PAC in order to sneak money to bypass the guidelines for the election. Bozzi also added that this tactic lets Scott evade various laws such as disclosure of information and finance-related laws such as paying campaign bills.

However, Rick Scott denied all these allegations towards him. But there was evidence laid out by the ECU in the form of documents which shows and supports facts that Scott is in partnership with the super PAC. One notable proof stated by the ECU was that Scott was a chairman in the PAC during January 2018, as shown on the official website of the PAC. The ECU is also countering Rick Scott, despite being a Senate candidate as of now, as he is also an official who doesn’t favor the finance reform of campaigns. Thus, the ECU is determined to defeat Mr. Scott in the upcoming elections.

The ECU also wants to make sure that campaign contributions should be limited only in order to prevent any abuse of power and funds. This is an effort to change the rule of a 2010 Supreme Court decision wherein people can spend an unlimited amount of money to support campaign held by candidates. This unfair policy that lacked any transparency caused the ECU to be formed in 2015.

This 2018, the End Citizens United is in favor of those who are not using any dirty money for running campaigns. That’s why they are endorsing certain people who are also rooting for the campaign finance reform. Personalities for the Midterm Elections such as Beto O’Rourke and Elissa Slotkin are just some of ECU’s top picks for winning their respective seats in the office.

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