Surf Air brings private air travel to wider audience

One of the problems that people who experience true private luxury air travel for the first time encounter is a sudden realization of exactly how much better it really is. It’s easy to convince yourself that flying in a luxury cabin stocked with fine wine and foods while sitting in a leather easy chair isn’t all that much better than enduring the cramped, loud and unpalatable experience of flying cattle class, at least not enough to justify the price. But for those lucky few who get to live the enthralling perks of private air travel first hand, it’s like taking a hit of a euphoric and addictive drug.

Surf Air is the first airline that was founded to bring the immense luxuries and conveniences of private air travel to a far wider audience. Surf Air delivers jet-speed travel times while only costing a fraction of what traditional private air companies like NetJets charge. And for regional air travel, Surf Air can actually deliver far better travel times than many other private air operators.

So, what is it like traveling on your own aircraft whose sole mission is your journey? The first thing you’ll notice is the almost supernatural increase in speed and efficiency of everything from boarding to takeoff. Surf Air contracts with local transport companies to get you from your front door directly to the aircraft, which will be waiting on the tarmac fueled and ready to taxi. If going from your front door to the departure runway in less than 10 minutes sounds like something out of a wild dream, then you may find Surf Air to be like participating in a real-life fantasy world. When your cattle-class compatriots are still finagling with getting their luggage on the airport parking shuttle bus, you’ll be looking out the window at them from 400 feet above the airport. When they finally board their flight at the gate, you’ll be on the ski slopes or eating in a five-star restaurant.