With the progression of technology, many people are indulging in online retail. One of the fashion firms that has benefited mainly from the online sales is Techstyle fashion group. Well skilled leaders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler head the company. In the year 2012, its online site had about six million members. The members significantly affected their sales with the business selling over 2.5 million pairs of shoes in the first quarter of that year. In this article, we will intensely look at this retail industry and its leaders.

Techstyle fashion group

The fashion group was launched in 2010 by just fab as a membership program for footwear. The first members of this group were given a discount of 30% off the retail prices. They also gave these subscribers free shipping and loyalty reward points. The incentives worked and in about two years, the site had added approximately 6 million members. It then assimilated the fabkids and shoe dazzles. The retail industry has extended to other six countries. The countries include U.K., Germany among others. The company has advanced with the advancement of technology making it one of the best fashion retail, which is using data science and membership commerce. These features led to its rebranding to Tech style in 2016. Technology has assisted it in marketing and product selection enhancing its productivity.

The spearheads of Tech style fashion group

Who are the leaders of the techstyle group bringing it this success? The growth of the tech style fashion group has been attributed to its spearheads Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler who have exceptional talents in e-commerce. Adam career in business started when he was 13 years old. He came up with an online bulletin board, which he later developed, to a gaming website. When he was 17, he sold the website to my space parent firm. He then joined intermix at the age of 19 where he was given the position of COO despite his young age. He made use of e-commerce, which helped in spawning other companies such as Just Fab and Dermstore. Today he is the Co – CEO of tech style presiding over data, marginal systems, and marketing.

Don, on the other hand, is the creator of e-commerce and online space. He has a wide range of successful commerce ventures. They include the business fitness and MySpace parent company. He has also been a co-founder of skincare brand Hydroderm. He then joined Adam to form intelligent beauty, which led to the creation of Techstyle fashion group. Today he governs the talent, vision and customer experience sectors in this firm.


In conclusion, Techfirm has greatly grown thanks to its leaders Adam and Don. These leaders have significant technological and business skills.

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  1. Names like Adam Goldenberg, Kate Hudson and the rest of them has really taken the fashion industry to a whole new level. Their contributions according to for me is something that has made people love them for what they do most especially Adam Goldenberg, you have to appreciate his styles and ideas in the industry.

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