Sentinel AI-eCommerce Personalization is the Future of Selling

The first time AI was introduced, we only got to learn about it from a movie. Today, artificial intelligence is becoming the backbone of commerce, specifically online selling. Any business stands to gain a lot by taking advantage of eCommerce personalization using AI.


Artificial Intelligence is predicted to be the future of online marketing. Consumers crave the age-old experience of shopping in physical stores but with the convenience of online shopping. AI is the only technology that can bridge these two faster and with a higher success rate.


We are beyond the era of email marketing, explainer videos, or door to door selling. The fastest way to sell a product to a potential customer is by giving them an experience. And there are some companies that are already doing that.


A company like Sephora that deals in cosmetics has tapped into AI. Customers can download the Sephora mobile phone app and try out the company’s different cosmetic products on their faces. You do this by taking a selfie, uploading into the app and then try different shades of make up on the picture to see how it will turn out on your face. The app even goes a step further and suggests makeup colors that will compliment your skin tone.


AI has made it easy to personalize the shopping experience and the mobile platform provides a channel to make this possible. You can take a picture of a car, use that image to search on Google and you get all the information about the car, including its current retail price. Some clothing stores request customers to stand in front of a mirror and try out different outfits using AI technology.


Any business that has not tapped into this technology yet needs to start laying the ground works. According to ecommerce research, artificial intelligence has the potential of raising sales up by 6% to 10%. Companies like BrandAlley (flash sale website) currently enjoy 16% conversion just by tapping into AI. By the year 2035, it is projected that businesses that will have tapped into ecommerce personalization via AI will enjoy 65% profit increment. By 2020, about 85% of customer interactions will be facilitated via AI.


The truth is out; businesses need to invest in ecommerce personalization technology to stay ahead. Social media websites and social apps are now incorporating shopping bots that help consumers purchase products faster. Consumers want a personalized way of shopping while still using the convenience of the internet; artificial intelligence provides that.