Securus Provides Additional Security Services

While the telecommunications industry is a very competitive one, some smaller companies in recent years have found a way to grab a piece of the market share by entering into niche markets and providing a unique service. One of these companies is Securus Technologies, which has been a leading provider of communication and security products and services to the law enforcement industry for the past decade.


While the company started out as a small player in the space, they have continued to grow by providing clients with innovative products and top-level service. One of the most innovative products to hit the industry in the past few years has been their video visitation service. This has provided inmates with a way to connect with family like never before. It has also reduced the need for in-person visitation, which has been a huge burden on facilities in the past.


While the company is best known for its communications solution, it is also gaining a reputation for providing great security services as well. Along with selling the video platform, Securus can also provide a monitoring service to clients. This service allows for Securus to monitor either all conversations made, or focus on only a few key inmates. If the company notices something that seems suspicious, they are able to forward the information on to the facility. Facilities have already reported that this information and the recordings have been used to solve and prevent crimes.


Due to the popularity of their products and services, Securus Technologies has continued to grow. While they were formed just over a decade ago, Securus Technologies now has over 500 employees and provides services to more than 1,000 law enforcement facilities. These facilities ultimately are responsible for the management and oversight of more than 1 million inmates across the country.