Robert Ivy: An Architect You Want To Know

As someone who is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, it’s no surprise that Robert Ivy is highly recognized in the world of architecture. He is most certainly deserving of his role and he has a rich background to prove it.

He is someone who encourages innovative thinking in the field of architecture. He is focused on making a difference for people, whether it be through providing solutions for situations dealing with disasters or by helping the health industry. According to, Robert Ivy believes that design is a very important component that goes beyond just simply building a construction. He believes that architects should design with more factors in mind.

Robert Ivy has done a lot in his time as an architect and has also been highly recognized for the impact that he’s had. He was the Vice President of Architectural Record magazine where he even received a top award for his professional journal. The award, the National Magazine Award for General Excellence isn’t an award that is given out lightly and is a major achievement for anyone.

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Robert Ivy has also written a biography and he is often invited to speak on the subject of architecture and how important it is in our world and lives and how thinking outside the box can make a big difference in health and more.

His educational background consists of a Master in Architecture, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in English. While he continues to offer solid architectural service, he has also proved himself as a voice on the topic, and his education in both fields is evident in his career.

He’s a different kind of architect who seeks to break the mold and help architects sit up and take notice of just how important architecture is for our world and needs.

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