Retirement planning, Chris Linkas on the case

Get to know the well-versed Chris Linkas, financial advisor and managing director of a UK-based investment group. He has held the position of Vice President at Goldman Sachs and RER Financial Group LLC. Being an experienced financial advisor, he dedicates his time to helping young adults by advising them on the benefits of investments. In America today, a majority of the citizens do not have enough funds put away for their retirement.

Having worked for over 25 years for top-ranked companies, Chris Linkas is an expert on the topic of investments. The young adults tend to procrastinate investing, saying that they will invest while they are much older. The future carries a lot of unpredictable events, and it’s much better for an individual to start investing as early as now.

At a young age, Chris Linkas got to learn extensively about investments. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Bowdoin College. From there, Chris Linkas began his career, and he says that he has never stopped learning. Investing at a young age gets one significant benefits from their investments. Anyone can invest at a young age, whether a civilian or a member of the military. Here are some reasons why it’s best to invest as early as now.

First, when one invests at a young age, time tends to be on your side. Unstable ventures offer the best returns therefore, one has time to recover if anything goes on. After that, you have the ability to invest in even riskier ventures ( Secondly, when one constantly reinvests on their earnings, they earn compound interest that increases their rewards on the investment.

Onto the third reason, you develop steady spending habits. This is done by reducing expenses where necessary and also concentrating on your budget. The fourth reason is, the earlier one invests, the better your financial situation will be in future shared by Chris Linkas. Finally, members of the military who invest in retirement plans, for example, the Roth IRA and 401(k) are well on their way to a good quality of life.