Jason Hope: Aging Should Not Give People Sleepless Nights

There are diseases that have proven to very difficult to cure. Scientists from all areas of the world are working continuously so that these diseases can find the best form of cure that can be used to prolong life. Most diseases that are affecting humans have found an effective cure. There are some conditions that are brought by age, and they have proved to be very difficult to manage. As people get old, they are prone to acquire some dangerous diseases that are very complicated, and these have been giving people in the medical world a very hard time. People have always said that age has no cure. With the form of medications available at the moment, people can be assured of a better life and better health.

There are very many organizations and professionals that have tried to bring remedies to combat the effects of aging. These remedies cost an arm and a leg for the ordinary person. However, the products have never given investors the form of treatment they desire. There are many people who regret purchasing the expensive products because they end up worse than they were in the past. Age is a condition that must affect all people in the world, regardless of their life habits, health, income, geographical location or even their status in the community. It is impossible to avoid getting old. Doctor and scientists have been successful in making so many inventions in the last decade. Some of the diseases that killed people in the past can now be managed with a lot of ease. Complex surgeries have been performed so that people can live a long life. However, getting the perfect anti-aging drug has been a very complex activity for the professionals.

Jason Hope has been observing the challenges faced by most biotechnology companies that have invested in anti-aging products for years now. The businessman is among the few people who understand the world of technology very well. The businessman realized that SENS Foundation, a popular company that is based in Arizona has been doing a great research in anti-aging matters, and this is why he decided to offer the organization some support. Jason Hope gave a huge amount of over five thousand dollars to the scientist in the company so that they can conduct research and finally offer the solution people want to see. Jason Hope is not a newbie to the world of technology too.

About Jason Hope: www.amazon.com/dp/B0773WCN2L

Vijay Eswaran: Fear Can Motivate You!

Are you afraid of things? According to Vijay Eswaran, fear is not something to be ashamed of. Everyone has fear. It is human nature to be fearful of things. However, the thing that separates successful people from people who are not successful is one thing only. That is how you approach your fear. Do you let your fear overtake your life? In the end, if you do that, you will be faced with a life that is incomplete. You will always have regrets about the things that you could have done. If, however, you embrace the fear and try to conquer it, then you will emerge stronger, smarter, and on the path to success.

Fear can be a bad thing or it can be a good thing. According to Vijay Eswaran, there is only one kind of fear that is good. This is the fear that you will not have tomorrow to accomplish what you want to do in life. This kind of fear is good because it helps you overcome procrastination and start getting things done right away.

Vijay Eswaran, a noted businessman, life coach, and motivational speaker, often tells people about his own near brush with death and what caused him to realize that you have to be of the mindset that you only have today to do what you want in life. He said that he was once snorkeling with his family at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. He jumped out of his boat and into the sea. He was snorkeling and everything was going fine until he suddenly felt the water underneath him turn cold and go pitch black. He suddenly realized that he had moved over from being on top of the reef to going over the edge of the reef. He realized that the strong current could carry him away and bring him into the ocean, where there were plenty of sharks.


However, his fear saved him. It took him over completely and caused him to use all of his hidden powers to swim back to the reef. Fear can really motivate you.

Why and How Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Started the Frontera Fund

During the tenure, or should we say the reign, of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona, Latinos and people of other ethnic groups were under attack. He was abusing his power to discriminate against them.

The hard part was that his police officers were acting as mouthpieces for his racist policies. In addition, he had the support of various right wing extremist groups and activists who thought that he was doing a good thing. They were throwing around terms such as illegal immigrants to create an atmosphere of hate and fear. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/ and https://about.me/jim_larkin

However, all was not lost. The plight of these immigrants caught the eye of various human rights groups and activists. They started to rally around the Latino community in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s district.

They started giving them their support. They started standing up to the evil Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his evil policies! They started making an impact.

One of these organizations is called the Frontera Fund. The Frontera Fund was started by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. If their names sound familiar to you, do not be surprised.

There is a reason for this, and we will get to it soon. For now, however, just know that the Frontera Fund was started in order to offer support to immigrants and help protect their First Amendment rights from evil people like Sheriff Joe Arpaio who want to take them away from them.

They also started pushing back against the harsh words and the rhetoric of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They started making campaigns of their own to discredit him.

Their efforts were given a boost when last year, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was cited and charged with contempt of court for what he did during a lawsuit against him. You should know that contempt of court can come with a penalty of up to six months in prison. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

However, that did not turn out to happen, because President Donald Trump gave a presidential pardon to Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Incidentally, this was his first pardon.

So, who are Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey? Well, you may not know this, but discriminating against immigrants is not the only bad thing that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has done. He has also discriminated against journalists. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were two journalists who were attacked and targeted by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

They were reporting on how he was doing bad things to immigrants and people who were in the prison system. He did not like that, not one little bit. Therefore, he decided to set up a grand jury investigation to target them and their newspaper. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

When they reported about the way he was targeting them in their newspaper, he had them arrested.

However, there was a large outcry from the media and from people all around the country.

They were released within twenty four hours. They won a three and a half million dollar lawsuit against Sheriff Joe. They used this money to start the Frontera Fund.

What’s all the Hype around O2Pur?

O2Pur is making e-cigs so much more convenient than ever before. Not only is the company cruising along with the current vaping trend, but they are also making e-cigs irresistible. In today’s age, people have come to accept e-cigs as they are climbing up in popularity. It’s not very difficult to understand why though, as we are seeing many well-known brands switching over to different types of e-cigs.

With this constant uprising of different e-cigs in all flavors and styles, it can be quite intimidating for beginners who are wanting to get into vaping. But if you are just getting into it, what are some of the benefits of vaping. One of the best pros to vaping is the amount of money that you will save in comparison to traditional styles. Partner this with the endless supply of flavors and you’ll have as many combinations as possible. But first, let’s discuss price before we go deeper into all of the different style combinations. As most people who have smoked for any amount of time know that traditional cigs are constantly rising in price, sometimes doubling in a matter of months. But this is totally different with e-cigs. Most prices have stayed steady for the most part, and if they do rise it’s only slightly. Paying to vape is also very cheap compared to traditional. You have to pay for the main body which can be a hefty price, but after that, you only buy refills which are much cheaper than traditional.

Also to make it more convenient for beginners getting into vaping, e-cig companies, such as O2Pur, have offered a wide variety of products, one of which is the starter kit. This kit gathers all of the necessary products for one to get into vaping, without all of the high prices from super high-tech accessories and add-ons.

O2Pur also offers e-cigs that are top of the market and are intended to be used time after time. This is also thanks to the rechargeable function of all e-cigs, another great function that you get when choosing to go electronic over traditional.

Working With a Financial Professional

Few people feel comfortable with their financial future. Many people have stress around money. David Giertz is someone who can help people reach their financial goals. Not only does he have years of experience as a financial planner, but he enjoys helping people solve various problems in their life. Anyone who wants to work with him should research him online. He has a massive online following because he is active with social media.

David has a simple plan for anyone who wants to retire early. Instead of focusing on minor changes, he recommends that people make drastic changes to their life and spending.


The vast majority of people spend too much money each month. Spending money can be fun for a period. However, most people end up regretting their spending eventually. David Giertz recommends that people start reducing their spending on significant items in their budget. For most people, the most considerable expense each month is their mortgage. By reducing housing expenses, most people can save much more money. Moving to a cheaper city or living with roommates are just two examples of saving money on housing.

Earning More

Unlike most financial planners, David Giertz also concentrates on how to increase income. He believes that there are more opportunities than ever before for people to earn additional income. By focusing on earning more income, people can have additional flexibility with their financial goals.

David even helps people retire early from their jobs to focus on a dream or passion of theirs. Most people are shocked to learn how easy it is to save up a small nest egg before retiring.

David has had an exciting career as a financial planner. He loves helping people with their finances, and he is focused on taking his business to a new level in the coming years.

Jason Hope: The Arizona Based Anti-aging Advocate

People in the modern society want to live long. Nobody wants to die before they have achieved their goals in life. There is much technological advancement in the medical department, meaning that people can look for ways of prolonging their lives. There are many medical conditions that have come up, and they are affecting the number of years people can live. Some of these problems affect people from all ages. There are some of the health problems that are minor while others have been declared to be life threatening when they are not treated in time. One of the most difficult conditions that affect all people, regardless of their habits, geographical location, health, income or status in the society is known as aging. This condition can never be escaped by people.

Aging comes with so many challenges to humans. First of all, people who are aged are prone to dangerous medical problems such as cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes. There are many people who have lost their lives because they have contacted this form of the disease. Medical experts in the world have realized that they have done so much for the profession yet they have not established the right remedy for this medical condition. There are many organizations that are looking for the ideal way of dealing with aging. Many products are being sold in the market, and they all disappoint consumers because they always end up disappointing people. If you are looking for a product that will slow the aging process, you have all the reasons to smile. Jason Hope and the SENS Foundation have partnered to offer customers the right products.

Jason Hope is a highly reputable professional in the American market. The businessman has been focusing his efforts on the internet of things. Last year, however, Jason Hope ventured into the world of anti-aging so that people can live longer without dealing with dangerous diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Jason Hope donated more than five hundred thousand dollars for this noble gesture so that the SENS Foundation could accomplish its mission. With the donation issued, Jason Hope believes that the foundation will have the right resourced needed to conduct research. The businessman says that the organization has highly qualified professionals who have all the capacity to introduce the products consumers need. Jason Hope is also urging other investors in the world to support similar initiatives in the community so that they can all find the remedy to slow aging.

For More info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

The Long-awaited Release of Lime Crime’s Venus 3 Eyeshadow Palette

Expecting fans of Lime Crime Cosmetics hoped that Doe Deere, CEO and Founder of the cosmetics company, would be releasing a new product on April 24, in the form of another eyeshadow palette. Loyal customers of Lime Crime Cosmetics intuitively knew that when they saw the picture posted on Instagram depicting an open, empty palette case suspended in midair beneath a shining sun and clouds that the new product had to be a fourth Venus eyeshadow palette.

The Lime Crime customers were barely able to contain their frenzied anticipation as they waited for the release date to arrive. They speculated the newcomer product was the follow-up to the Venus series eyeshadow palettes: Venus, Venus II, and Venus XL. The three previously released palettes have already been hugely successful with long-lasting, vivid pigments and smooth, easy-to-apply textures. The Venus palettes have a huge following because they are beautiful and unique as the colors are heavily inspired by Botticelli’s classic painting, “Venus Rising”, crossed with the colors of Grunge fashion of the 90s.

As the Lime Crime cosmetics fans hoped, the fourth Venus palette, Venus 3, release was on April 24. The new palette is brilliantly packaged like the previous three Venus sister palettes with Lime Crime’s version of “Venus Rising” on the front. The palette colors are a mixture of purples, roses, mauves, and browns. Called the “nu-grunge” look by the Lime Crime website, this new palette is complete with metallics and mattes in their trademarked silky, easy-to-apply texture. Venus 3 is a lovely addition to the Lime Crime Venus series.

Chainsmokers and The Duo’s Indomitable Spirit To Create Powerful EDM Music

Artists have strong personalities and an intense truculence in their vision that they don’t want it to be dampened. They don’t want anyone to ruin what they want to put out in the world. They can sometimes be froward when it comes to what they demand, and they don’t always follow the rules. This is the exact dynamics being faced by the duo band, The Chainsmokers.

The New Music Becomes Darker

There’s romanticism in going dark, macabre and slightly revolting when one is trying to make an artistic work. We learn from an article in Forbes that it’s also the artist’s predilection to always create the most original work possible. In the case of The Chainsmokers, they promise that their music would be even darker and would be resembling the state of incessant chaos that they feel the country is experiencing. It’s also noteworthy to ascertain that this desire to go dark isn’t just for the gimmick. There are artists who appear like a curmudgeon when they vent out negative emotions in their music, but what makes The Chainsmokers’ work different is the fact that they value their lyrics so much that they won’t compromise it for the need to have a powerful EDM beat. This is something that The Chainsmokers is known to push, but it is also something that it does so well in pulling off.

About The Chainsmokers

Chainsmokers is one of the most indomitable DJ and production duos today that is composed of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. This duo has been a renowned EDM-pop partnership that has been a relevant music production team since their breakthrough popularity in 2014, with their breakthrough song, #Selfie.

We should also not forget to report here that Taggart was a student at Syracuse University, and was an intern student at Interscope Records. It was there that Taggart and Pall met, and since then they had been a DJ duo that had already been garnering the strongest and most dynamic level of success for every song they write. Two of the albums that regained so much popularity from Chainsmokers are Bouquet and Collage.


The Best News from Elysium Health

Elysium Health is a health company  that was co-founded in 2014 by Dr. Leonard Guarente. In addition to his responsibilities as chief scientist of  Elysium Health, Guarente serves as the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. The company works together with scientists from prominent academic institutions like Yale, Harvard, and Stanford e to translate advances in science and technology into clinically-validated health products that work.

Elysium Health’s first product is Basis. Basis is proven to increase and sustain levels of NAD+ in our bodies to support our cellular well-being. NAD+ is a coenzyme that is essential to many of our cellular functions, including circadian rhythms, DNA health, and energy creation. Our levels of NAD+ decline naturally as we age, and those functions break down.

Basis is sold through Elysium Health’s website. Basis is sold as monthly subscriptions as well as in individual jars. A standard monthly subscription costs $50 each month. Longer subscriptions cost more upfront but offer discounts on the monthly rate.

Joining in partnership with a tech retailer, Elysium Health now sells  Basis in b8ta stores. To pick up an extra jar of Basis, and discover other products you won’t find elsewhere, check out a b8ta location near you.



Dr. David Samadi Once New York’s Highest Paid Doctors

Dr. David Samadi is the chairman of Urology and the Chief of robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. Dr. Samadi is a celebrated doctor that is also certified by the board of urology. Dr. Samadi has been traoned in the treatment and diagnosis of prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer and other urologic diseases. He has a specialty in minimally invasive prostate cancer treatments that are advanced. These treatments include laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy, and laparoscopic radial prostatectomy.

Dr. Samadi was born and raised in Iran in the Persian Jewish community. Samadi left Iran at the age of 15 along with his younger brother in 1979 following the Iranian Revolution. Both of their educations were continued in London and Belgium. Afterwards, Samadi came to the United States of America in order to attend and complete high school in Roslyn, New York. Stony Brook University is where Dr. David Samadi completed a full scholarship where he earned his biochemistry degree. His M.D. was earned at S.U.N.Y. which is the Stony Brook School of Medicine. This school is located in Stony Brook, New York. Dr. David Samadi earned his M.D. in 1994.

Dr. Samadi’s postgraduate training in urology took place at Montefiore Medical Center. His training in proctology took place at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. One of these trainings were completed in 1996. One was completed in 2000. A proctology oncology fellowship was completed by Dr. Samadi in the year 2001. The oncology fellowship took place at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. Samadi completed a robotic radical prostatectomy fellowship in 2002 under the mentorship of Professor Claude Abbou. This took place at Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil. Mondor Hospital Creteil is located in France.

In 2012, Dr. David Samadi was the highest paid doctor in New York City. Dr. Samadi’s earned totaled $7.6 million. Before then, Dr. Samadi was employed at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in 2007. Samadi became the chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery and the Vice Chair of the Department of Urology. Before then was his very first practice which took place at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

For details: www.youtube.com/user/RoboticOncology