Don Ressler, Kate Hudson, and the Current Style

When people think about style, one of the common thoughts is clothing. When people hear the word stylish, the image that often pops up is that of someone in expensive clothes. Often times, people think about someone wearing a totally complicated outfit that consists of tons of different trendy pieces. However, this is often based on magazines that have a personal preference when it comes to style. The truth is that style can be very simplistic. Often times, it is the item that does not look like it has a lot to it that is going to be given the best praise.

For Don Ressler and Kate Hudson, style and fashion goes way beyond the clothes that are worn and sold. A better representation of style is the cause that it is being sold for. Kate Hudson has stated when she has first started Fabletics that she wants her company to promote health and women’s style in active wear. Fabletics has been designed to bring forth diversity in style and size in the health and fashion industry. Women who shop at Fabletics are going to find a ton of items that they would not see anywhere else. Athleisure is definitely taking off for women.

One of the best ways to be in style when it comes to health is to take on some of the most prominent issues with women including breast cancer. People know that this epidemic can change the lives of women and their families. However, not that many people know about the extent of the effects of breast cancer. There are also a limited amount of treatments available. There is a need for continuing research on the treatments of breast cancer.

Getting involved in a cause that affects women throughout the world is one of the best ways to bring customers to the company. However, the reason that Kate Hudson got involved with the cause of fighting breast cancer is not because she just wants customers. Breast cancer is an issue that she is personally involved with. She wants to make sure that women have all of the necessary options for treatment.

Organo Gold Coffee Drinkers See A Lower Risk Of Death Compared To Non-Coffee Drinkers

A recent study curated in Europe shows there could be a link between drinking coffee and maintaining a healthy life with less chance of medical conditions including stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disease. The study followed the lives of 52,000 people across 10 European countries who were monitored for the occurrence of medical conditions; a second study was published in the “Annals of Internal Medicine” looking at the lives of 185,000 U.S. residents and their beverage drinking habits. Watch this video on Youtube.

Whether drinking caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee the study shows those who did not drink coffee were at a higher risk of death from a wide range of medical conditions. The study revealed those who drank as many as two or three cups of coffee each day had an 18 percent lower chance of death than those who drank no coffee on a daily basis. Although the results of the two studies were positive for coffee drinkers the study did not manage to prove the reasons for the link between coffee drinking and better long-term health.

Organo Gold has been discussing the benefits of drinking a healthy cup of coffee each day for a number of years from the Canadian headquarters of the company. An added benefit of drinking the range of coffees on offer from Organo Gold is the inclusion of the mushroom-based Ganoderma extract which has been used in Chinese medicine for more than 1,000 years. Visit to know more.

Living a healthy lifestyle is an aspect of life the makers of Organo Gold are interested in across many different areas of life with many different products being explored. Organo Gold has recently been looking to help its customers live better lives with a partnership with The Napoleon Hill Foundation and its work developing a better way to live life.


The Future of Small Businesses As Projected By White Shark Media

With the development of social media platforms as the major marketing platforms for most businesses, it has become increasingly vital to focus on successful marketing agencies. These agencies must also be digital in nature. One such agency is White Shark Media. This agency leads in digital marketing and preferential sales of products. With the understanding that small businesses need to be marketed, White Shark Media focuses on the development of online marketing strategies. The major focus being to enable the businesses to sale their products, White Shark Media continues to highlight the values of strong marketing campaigns for small to medium sized businesses.

Background of services

White Shark Media was formed in 2011. Since then, the agency has been working with start-ups and average businesses to elevate their marketing portfolios. White Shark is manned by experienced, marketing, personnel, one attractive aspect that continues to rank the business high in the marketing field. At White Shark Media, the winning formula seeks to sell the idea to buying from small businesses. What was once a boutique firm is now a leading agency, in digital marketing. White Shark Media has a fully strategized employee base that offers high-value selling strategies to small businesses. With this team on board, it is almost impossible to make losses in business. However challenging the economic climate is, White Shark Media is always at the service of most of these entrepreneurs.


White Shark Media is an expert in providing leading strategies for businesses. Often, the agency focuses on the development of constructive marketing ethics. These ethics have a direct, positive, impact on the growth of business.

Securus Technologies Works Hard To Eliminate Crimes Inside of Jailhouse Facilities

When someone you know is forced to serve a sentence inside of a holding facility, you want to know that they are safe from harm as well as future crimes while serving their time. The problem however is that more jails are seeing an increase in the amount of crimes taking place inside of the jails.


The crimes inside of jails which are occurring year after year, month after month include the rise of drugs and alcohol inside of jails. More inmates are given access to contraband inside of jails either by visitors or through staff members who work inside of the jails. By teaching the jails to find new ways to cut back on the amount of drugs and other contraband, inmates are forced to release information about the people who they are receiving the items from.


By listening to phone calls, obtaining warrants and interviews, more people are being sought in the crimes that are taking place. When the information is obtained and when the inmates are caught, charges are placed and more time is added to the inmates time.


Securus Technologies is always coming up with what else can be done to put a stop to inmate crimes and staff crimes. Each week the business meets to create a new plan or new product that can be incorporated into the jail facilities to reduce inmate to inmate crime as well as crimes being committed by staff members.


Located in Dallas, Texas, the headquarters of Securus Technologies has been creating new ways to fight crimes inside jails for over a decade. By creating new methods and products, crimes inside of jails has lessened. The number of people prosecuted each year has increased for their part in the crimes being committed in jails. Securus Technologies is working to create a better place for people to live in by finding new ways to fight crime.


Dr. Mark Holterman professional work

Dr. Mark Holterman is the professor at the University of Illinois College of medicine; he has worked at the university since 2011. Dr. Mark Holterman also went to Yale University where he majored in biology. He earned his Ph.D. and MD at the University of Virginia. Dr. Mark Holterman is an attending pediatric surgeon at the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and also the Children’s Hospital of Illinois.

Dr. Mark Holterman has a membership with various professional organizations. Among these groups is the American Academy of Pediatrics. He is a specialist in pediatric surgery; he has interests in research such as that of regenerative medicine and others. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at Dial Dish.

In his career, Dr. Mark Holterman has received many awards. For instance, he won the prize for innovative study from the American Diabetes Association. Dr. Mark Holterman is a very active member in his field and determined to change the shape of the medical industry. He supports the work done by the International Pediatric Specialist Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. Since alliance formation, its primary goal has been to work towards the goal of improving pediatric medicine for the residents of Vietnam who are young. The organization operates many initiatives that are meant to provide medical personnel, supplies and other resources that are needed in the region.

International Pediatric Specialist Alliance of Children of Vietnam has an international scholar program that connects local medical professionals with opportunities that are meant to help them get further education at learning institutions in the United States. For one to qualify for a scholarship with the alliance, they must have a letter given by their current organization to highlight their dedication in improving the health care. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile at

American Diabetes Association has announced a joint initiative with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. It is mainly meant to address the rate in which two types of diabetes has increasingly occurred in children as well as in teenagers. They have developed an experience that they call camp power-up which uses curriculum that is based on evidence to engage youth in physical activities as they are taught on how to make choices that are healthy.


Market America Convention 2017 Was A Blast

Market America Convention 2017 was a blast for all the attendees as well as the hosts. Market America Inc. held this convention at the end of the summer in North Carolina. Out of all their international conventions, their 2017 convention was the largest on record. There were almost 200,000 people present, and there ended up being standing room only.

Market America Convention 2017 began with talks from some of the best business owners and marketing consultants in the world. These individuals gave advice on how new business owners should approach the market, and they also gave advice regarding how people current business owners should follow new marketing trends.

As the convention went on, there was much fun for everyone. The convention hosts got all the attendees involved with exercises that made people laugh and learn new marketing strategies at the same time. There were even several acts that performed for pure entertainment. These acts included a circus crew, singers, dancers, and more. Market America is planning on making their next convention even better. They are currently looking for a bigger arena so more people can enjoy the convention experience.

Market America recently put out an article to all business people regarding attitude. After several business and marketing studies, they are convinced that attitude is what makes the business owner or marketing specialists. Though a person needs schooling and experience, it is evident for people to have a positive attitude toward the world of business.

Market America’s study consisted of people with business experience and bad attitudes versus people with no experience but positive attitudes. The individuals with a positive attitude showed more positive growth in the world of business than the people with the experience. Market America is shocked by these results, and they are planning on furthering this study in the near future.

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Todd Lubar, a Financial Guru Focusing on Leaving a Notable Mark in the Real Estate Industry

Todd Lubar’s involvement in the real estate market has lasted for over two decades, centering his operations in Maryland. He has experience in finance and credit which has put him in a better position to uplift individuals from both sectors in their pursuit of real estate deals. He is the current President of TDL Ventures where he targets to elevate the company to a coveted rank. Todd also has a background in the sales industry and has used this to his benefit, building his persona in the market.

Todd Lubar has great passion in business and helping others realize their full potential in the sector. He targets to expand his Baltimore presence as a community volunteer and business owner. Baltimore has shown tremendous blossoming businesswise. The state has seen many initiatives envisioned to improve the business conditions for the present companies and those that seek to relocate. This has earned the state an excellent reputation in terms of supporting their own businesses while still attracting new ventures from its surroundings. The city is a residence of choice for the growing generation. Among the most notable trends is the mushrooming of epic apartment buildings from being mere old buildings

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar’s education journey started off in Washington, DC, at the Sidwell Friends School. He pursued higher education at Syracuse University where he graduated with a B.A. in Speech Communication, class of 1995. Todd started his career in Arlington, Texas, at Legacy Financial Group, working in their Maryland office. Under his leadership at Maryland, the company grew massively, producing over 100 million dollars yearly in loan volume. He left Legacy Financial Group in 2005 and joined Charter Funding as a Senior Vice President. He was with them for two years before deciding to focus on purchase money mortgage origination. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Todd’s primary priority was on financial services and would eventually build a legacy in mortgage banking. Todd Lubar has other companies outside the financial sector which include companies in the nightclub industry, demolition industry, recycling industry, and the real estate development sector. He has been recognized as among the top 25 mortgage pioneers in the country over the years. His experience in several sectors has given him numerous skills that come in handy when running his businesses and similarly succeeding in any environment. You can visit his Facebook page.

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Jason Hope Donates $500,000 To SENS Foundation

In the recent past, futurist Jason Hope pledged $500,000 to SENS Foundation. This amount will be used to support the organization’s research on Rejuvenation Biotechnologies. The research is aimed at fighting age-related diseases and improving the health of older members of the society. The Arizona-based entrepreneur is confident that his donation will contribute significantly towards enhancing the California-based non-profit organization’s efforts of developing, promoting and enhancing the widespread access of its technology.

Speaking during the announcement of the $500,000 pledge, Jason Hope talked about his long interest in the works of SENS Foundation and Dr. Aubrey de Grey. He said that their works have led to advancement of people’s understanding of human aging and related diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease. Hope noted that the foundation’s works have redefined and reshaped biotech, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. The futurist reiterated the importance of rejuvenation biotechnologies presently and in the future. Hope believes that this technology will significantly influence human’s future. By supporting SENS Foundation, Jason is confident that the organization will be able hasten its pace on competing the research and delivering quality solutions to human aging and related diseases in the near future.

Mike Kope announced Jason Hope’s donation during SENS Foundation’s ‘Breakthrough Philanthropy’ event. Thiel Foundation hosted the event at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Speaking during the event, the chief executive officer of SENS Foundation said that the foundation was incorporated for purposes of transforming the biotech industry. The organization serves as an outreach group, a catalyst for change and a public research institution. Mike posited that he was pleased with the success of the company’s projects. Over the years, the foundation’s projects have continued to attract more collaborators who want to enhance the growth of the bio technology and regenerative medicine industry. He added that Jason’s donation would help the organization to accelerate its progress.

Peter Thiel was pleased with Jason’s donation. The chair of Thiel Foundation said that the donation was the highlight of the entire event. Thiel was happy that Breakthrough Philanthropy continues to achieve its goal. Also speaking at the event, Aubrey De Grey, SENS Foundation’s CSO, said that the money would be used to fight arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). This condition leads to increased blood pressure, diabetes, extracellular matrix and long-sightedness. For more info about us: click here.

Jason Hope is a Scottsdale-based entrepreneur, philanthropist, and futurist. His philanthropic activities focus on biotechnology, scientific research, disease cure and education. Hope is known for his insightful discussions on the Internet of Things (IoT). His support for the technology has become popular among investors.

George Soros Is Responsible For The Largest Charitable Transaction

Goerge Soros recently made a charitable transaction that has become the largest charitable transaction in history. The transaction was worth 18 billion dollars, and it was given to Open Society Foundations. Open Society Foundations was started by George Soros, but the organization has been struggling financially over the past few years. This was generally due to all the help Open Society was giving to America.

Whenever any kind of disease struck America over the past few years, Open Society Foundations opened centered all around America where people could come for treatment without paying a dime. Within the last two years, Open Society Foundations has attacked all of the hate crimes that have happened in America. They’ve done this by sending public speakers to high schools, colleges, and public affairs. These speakers shed light on the issue and gave hope to people recovering from such a situation  and read full article.

Open Society Foundations is happy to receive such a large charitable donation. What’s more shocking to them is the fact that George Soros is worth 23 billion dollars, so he has given more than 75% of his wealth to a charity organization. Open Society Foundations is planning on using a large chunk of this money to help people entering America from other countries. They are especially interested in helping individuals escaping from countries where terrorism is on the rise. Open Society Foundations wants to provide housing, healthcare, and other necessities to these individuals.

Open Society Foundations is also planning on helping Americans who are experiencing civil rights issues and the like. They are agreeing to pay all legal fees and get information to the press about the situation. As civil rights issues grow on a daily basis in America, it’s important for people interested in receiving help from Open Society Foundations to contact them immediately.

George Soros is responsible for bringing forth democracy in over 90 countries. George Soros has many friends outside of America, and a lot of his friends are women. George could not believe the way women are treated in countries outside America. To his surprise, in many countries women cannot vote, they cannot be seen without their spouse, and they cannot work. George Soros believes every country should have a policy that allows equality for all people. He visits with presidents and prime ministers on a weekly basis, and many times he accompanies U.S. officials on foreign meetings.

Another foreign issue George Soros addresses on a daily basis is how a number of presidents and prime ministers do not have control of their countries. Regardless of the laws that are put in place, in a lot of countries the citizens make the rules. The citizens take away rights from certain people and give rights to others. This is usually done through some sort of threat. George Soros has one goal in life, which is to bring peace to the entire world. If it costs all his wealth for this peace to come, George Soros believes it is definitely worth it.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Honored As Leading Female Plastic Surgeon

More than just a plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden is media commentator and academic leader as well as the founder for Jennifer L. Walden M.D. PLLC at the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. She owns her own private plastic surgery practice in Austin, Texas. There is also a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas. She started her career through the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York where she followed Dr. Sherrell Aston.

Dr. Walden was honored as Harper Bazaar’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons of 2014. She has also been honored by ABC News, Fox News and even 90210. Dr. Walden is also an accredited member for Modern Aesthetics in Plastic Surgery for the Editorial Board of Directors. She is just one of the very few number of women who practice aesthetic plastic surgery in the United States. She has also co-authored the textbook of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Born to a father who was a dentist and a mother that was a surgical nurse. She was born and raised in Austin, Texas. She then graduated from Anderson High School and did her residency through the University of Texas Medical Branch. Once she finished her medical residency, Dr. Walden went on to a fellowship for aesthetic surgery in Manhattan at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Once the fellowship was over, she went on to continue working in New York until her twin boys were born.

Once the twins were born, Dr. Walden moved back to Texas to be closer to her family. In December of 2011, Dr. Jennifer Walden went on to open her own medical practice in Westlake Hills. Once this office was up and running and busy, Jennifer went onto open a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas in 2014. She has been honored as one of the leading female plastic surgeons in the United States.

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