TMS Health Solutions Redefining Treatment of Mental Conditions

TMS is a psychiatry practice currently based in California with over six locations. It offers psychiatry services for individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, mood disorders or any mental condition. Not all patients that undergo such conditions respond to medication, and that’s where TMS therapy comes in. TMS which means Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a non-invasive therapy that enables psychiatrists to treat patients who are not responding to antidepressants.
For a patient undergoing TMS therapy, a magnetic field is used to stimulate brain activity. The treatment was approved by FDA in 2008 and has less effects compared to Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECP). Founded by Dr. Richard Bermudes in 2007, TMS has grown over the years to open locations in other parts of North Carolina. Dr. Richard focus was to open a psychiatric practice that combined patient care, research, education, and to treat mental conditions in California.

The practice is equipped with friendly experts who have committed their lives to carrying out research to help people struggling with mental conditions. The team focuses more on helping people with Treatment-Resistant Depression by use of technologically advanced modes of therapies such as TMS therapy.
Mental conditions can be a lonely path in this era where people are judged for admitting they have a problem. It is a process that can be painful if you are trying to go through it alone. TMS Health solutions offer outpatient therapy for individuals on a daily basis. So the team can work with you according to your schedule to help go through this stage and heal. Just like a butterfly, TMS therapy will help you come out of the pain and blossom back into life.
With Dr. Bemudes foundation who is also the Chief Medical Officer, the clinicians are focused on patients’ growth and improvement. They also carry out research to find alternative and research-based therapies that could help them treat the patients. Dr. Lanocha is the head of education in practice and is the top published physician in the use of TMS therapy to treat depression. Currently, the team is working on a new treatment under TMS therapy. The interaction with the patients is also critical for the practice. The team is developing an app that will enable patients to engage with psychiatrists on a regular basis.
To ensure that the treatment is accessible to everyone, TMS therapy treatment is covered by major health insurance. In fact, the practice has dedicated a team of experts under Patient Access Team that help patients with all the details of their payments during their treatment. The clinicians also carry out regular workshops to raise awareness of mental disorders within California and encourage patients to seek treatment.

The Acedemy of Art University Offers Much For Current And Past Students

Each year, The Academy of Art University its showcase for spring and fall 2018 collections. Ten BFA and MFA graduates show the world what that had to offer in fashion design.

Among them were the likes of Hailn Zhou from Oing Dao, China, who displayed outerwear and dresses made of vinyl and PVC. Eden Slezin from the Bay Area introduced organic denim and recycled rubber bike tubes to the fashion eye. Still others brought inspirations from ancestry, the art of Japanese wrestling and the function of light to the fashion floor. All of this made for an amazing night of fashion and talent that is an offspring of the university.

Based in San Francisco since 1929, The Academy of Art University is the higher-learning choice of approximately 12,600 students. It employs nearly 300 full time teachers and over 1100 part time teachers. This supports is claim to be the largest privately owned art and design school that is located in the United States.

The university offers a variety of learning opportunities and several departments including acting, graphic design. Photography, music production and sound design for visual media, and writing for film and television just to name a few. Classes are offered on campus as well as online. Associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees are given in approximately twenty-five subjects. Also offered is the Pre-College Art Experience, which offers free classes to high school students in order to assist them in making that all-important decision concerning their future.

The success of the institution’s alumni speaks for itself. School of Photography alumni, Deanne Fitmaurice won a Pulitzer Prize in 2005 exploring war torn children in Iraq. Alumni Tom Luedecke led his team to design Koby Bryant’s line of shoes for Nike. Diego Galtieri, a 2003 graduate of the School of Animation and Visual Effects, won an Emmy Award for his work on the NBC hit show, “Heroes.” Recently, alumni Paxton Maddison co-created the “Haines Tuxedo” for The North Face. Other notable alumni include Academy Award winner, Rick Baker, film directors, Rudy Soedjarwo and Vicky Jenson, and actress Raven-Symone.

Sahm Adrangi: Extraordinary Investor, Achiever, and Motivator

Founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management


Sahm Adrangi, founder and Chief Investment Officer of the well-known Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, has taken the lead in many facets of the company’s development since it started operations in 2009. Sahm Adrangi used to work as Investment Analyst at Longacre Fund Management. He also played a significant role in the bankruptcy restructuring team of Chanin Capital Partners. Follow Sahm Adrangi on


Expertise in Dealing with Bankruptcy


The well-rounded Sahm Adrangi counseled lenders during out-of-court as well as Chapter 11 bankruptcy reformation. Related activities included taking the stand for bank debt-holders, bondholders, preferred equity groups, and lending facilities of problematic and insolvent enterprises. Mr. Adrangi also served in Deutsche Bank’s leveraged finance group. He helped reorganize and syndicate non-investment grade bank debt as well as high yield bonds. Sahm Adrangi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the very prestigious Yale University.


Reasons for Success


Sahm Adrangi demonstrated his capabilities and acumen by generating achievements which otherwise could have been difficult for other executives to accomplish. This man managed to position Kerrisdale Capital Management as one of the leading companies in this industry within only 12 years. His strategies consisted of conducting research and circulating short stocks for the corporation as well as opting for alternative investments.



Through Kerrisdale, Sahm Adrangi guided many investors in the formulation of educated decisions by providing them with a clear situation of the market based on his research initiatives. The investment counselor gained renown worldwide after exposing fraudulent Chinese business owners that preyed on the global economy. He earned a reputation for managing and nurturing investment prospects for corporate institutions and individual speculators by way of Wall Street.


The distinguished investment advisor also made a name as policy-maker and educator. He published valuable articles that assisted many investors in making knowledgeable decisions. In fact, he collaborated with Kerrisdale Capital Management in conceptualizing and establishing landmark financial guiding principles. His research aims to rectify many mistaken beliefs regarding the essential business prospects of different companies. The CIO of Kerrisdale mentioned several Chinese firms that the Securities and Exchange Commission subjected to regulation and enforcement. Read more about Sahm Adrangi at Benzinga.


OSI Group — Acquisitions and Improvements

OSI Food Solutions is making big news inside the food manufacturing industry. They’re one of the leading organizations of manufacturing red meat, fowl, and pork. Their robust presence across Europe and the usa make them a main producer around the world. They’ve made the purchase of Flagship Europe of the Flagship Europe meals group in Denver, Colorado. This is part of an ongoing growth inside OSI food solutions. They’re expanding their operations to offer extra alternatives for their customers and boom their presence in international locations like america, Spain, and the Netherlands. Their purchaser base is varied and calls for for an extensive list of merchandise. This has accelerated over the previous couple of years.

OSI Food solutions is a privately held enterprise. As such, the details of the acquisition have not been disclosed to other parties. Flagship Europe is a first-rate supplier of frozen meat merchandise. Their lineup includes poultry, sous, and pies. Additionally they provide mayonnaise, sauce, and salad dressing inside the uk marketplace. They’re additionally recognized for their recent innovations in sandwich fillings, sauces, and dips. The quick meals sector of the market is primarily made up of developing households and specialists. The want for brief and smooth food options has exploded in current years because of an increasingly fast paced way of life. Via catering to a base of clients looking for toppings, fillings, and easy food OSI will enhance their popularity as a meals production enterprise. They will absolutely capitalize on the opportunity they were offered with.

The owners of Flagship Europe were excited about the new partnership with OSI food solutions. The CEO of Flagship, Russell Maddock, called it a thrilling and innovative improvement. We have seen the upgrades in performance and production that OSI has brought to the corporations they have purchased. They routinely look into and improve manufacturing facilities to comply with environmental standards. The upgrades usually entail investments into growing manufacturing and decreasing overhead. To know more about the firm click here.

The wider presence in Europe delivered upon the acquisition of Flagship Europe and offers OSI a wonderful competitive advantage over different businesses. They are able to effortlessly deliver their retail, carrier industry, and personal customers with all the food merchandise they require. This kind of performance and determination to give exceptional service is what separates OSI from other companies within the food carrier business. We are excited to look at what comes next for this great corporation and count on nothing less than greatness for the future expansions.

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Drew Madden: The Future of Medical IT

Drew Madden is continually striving to improve the electronic art of medical record keeping. Medical records are one of the central systems in the healthcare technology field. Drew Madden has been working in this industry for many years. Educated at the University of Iowa, Madden received a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering.

Not only has Madden worked to improve the technology involved in EMR, but he knows this field of healthcare technology can advance all forms of communications. Scheduling benefits doctors and patients in a family practice setting. In large hospitals, where there are thousands of workers, an electronic schedule can reduce the stress level of administrators. Check out

Healthcare IT systems can manage patient data. Patients information must be centralized, and once combined, it must be diagnosed giving the physician a starting point for treatment.

An IT system the bundles together the blood work results, patients medication, and other pertinent information could efficiently produce reports for physicians to study. Doctors could look at the history on one profile. These reports are time savers, and the data makes it easier to present cases to insurance coverage to get authorizations for some treatments.

Reports created by these healthcare systems will provide a history. Test features, such as blood sugar levels in a person with diabetes, are easily charted. The future goal of all this monitoring is to watch for trends in patient behavior. Positive patterns and negative trends may develop, but using a communication center where data is inputted, stored, and access the outcomes in patient care will be higher.

Drew Madden understands the challenges of healthcare technologies. He works to improve existing models and create innovations. The goal is to create an easier and better environment for healthcare workers, and results orientated programs for patients. You can search on Google for more.

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Jeremy Goldstein’s Advice About Handling Earnings Per Share

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner with Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC. It’s a boutique law firm that specializes in advising compensation committees, CEO’s and management teams. Goldstein recently gave advice on how to handle Earnings per Share (EPS).


As employee and shareholder incentives, EPS’s are generally a positive thing. They are what motives shareholders to buy or sell. They also give employers incentives to increase employment pay. Recent research has confirmed that EPS’s are part of what tends to make companies more successful. Even though EPS’s appear to be very advantageous, entities can also easily supplement it to their own ulterior motives.


Those who oppose the whole idea of EPS’s argue that they allow for favoritism of CEO’s and skewing of the metric results. Others argue that they’re only good for short-term profitability and don’t provide any outlet of long-term reinvestment. Performance-based programs are often criticized for forever changing and being unreliable as a result. As a result, companies are advised to start thinking long- rather than short-term to back up their investments.


Goldstein recently recommended a compromise between both the pro- and the anti-EPS argument. He argued that instead, companies should focus on finding ways to hold CEO’s and executives more accountable for their actions rather than completely doing away with pay per performance. Ensure that pay-per-performance measures up to the company’s long-term goals. This will provide a better outlet for both share growth and sustainable long-term growth.


Jeremy Goldstein has been practicing in New York for many years now. He earned his J.D. degree from the New York University School of Law. He started at a larger firm called Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz before branching out to his own smaller firm. Learn more:


Aside from having a lot of experience working with large companies such as Bank of America and Verizon, he has also worked with many cellular, banking, oil and stockholder companies. He has been listed as a top selection for legal counsel in Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business and Legal 500. He’s a regular contributor to the NYU Journal of Law and Business as a member of their advisory board. He also regularly writes numerous articles for various other journals of Law.


Renowned Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Rohrich Joins the 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium & Other Prestigious Medical Panels in 2018

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is the Professor of Plastic Surgery at the Department of Plastic Surgery in Dallas, Texas. At the UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dr. Rohrich is known as the renowned international expert in his field, recognized as the best throughout America. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), American Association of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), and the Plastic Surgery Research Council. His current role is President of the Association of Academic Chairmen of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich will be among the esteemed faculty members at the 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium that is scheduled to take place in Miami, Florida from February 8th through the 10th, 2018. The early stages of the symposium date back to 1967. The Baker Gordon Symposium is now considered the most significant surgery symposia throughout the United States with a proving history of training thousands of plastic surgeons. In addition to the educational lecturers by an esteemed group of professional plastic surgeons both nationally and internationally, the symposium continues to preserve and maintain the tradition of presenting participants the opportunity to observe live surgeries via video sessions over the of the entire conference.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich will be presenting lectures on both the Elegant Outcomes in Body Contour Surgery and the Practical Solutions in Lower Lid Blepharoplasty that includes video demos. He will also be an avid participant in panel discussions regarding the Techniques to Preserve the Dorsal Aesthetic Lines in Primary Rhinoplasty at the Elegant Solutions in Rhinoplasty group. After attending the panel discussions, Dr. Rohrich also participated in a panel discussion regarding What Works – Facial Rejuvenation. He will also be involved in the live surgery presentations, performing Primary Open Rhinoplasty.

As part of his rigorous schedule, Dr. Rohrich will be attending the 35th Annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting and the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting following his participation at the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium. The 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting are scheduled for February 28th – March 1st and the 35th Annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting will be held March 2nd – 3rd, 2018, both of which the doctor organized and will be chairing. He will be bringing world-class faculty members together that will focus on the latest innovations in laser, vaginal rejuvenation, IPL, skin tightening, dermal fillers, noninvasive fat removal, other advancements in skin care, along with patient safety and ethical, social marketing.

The meeting on the newest cosmetic surgery techniques will cover contouring procedures of the breast, face, and body. A cadaver lab will provide participants with unique hands-on experience. With his distinctive artistic talents in the restoration of youth cosmetically, Dr. Rohrich highly recognized among his peers as one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in America, making a significant impact at these panel meetings and the symposium.

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Jeffry Schneider Knows an Effective Leader Provides a Foundation for Confidence Building within the Organization

Jeffry Schneider knows leadership. For more than 25 years, he has led businesses all the while gaining exposure and knowledge in order to become a good leader. Jeffry is an effective leader in business and philanthropy.

In order to be defined as an effective leader, a person must have an understanding of their role in bringing confidence to a team in order to implement changes within an organization. Without confidence, a team is ineffective in establishing any foundations necessary for success. Confidence within a team is assured by your input as a leader.

What does team confidence mean for your role as a leader?

As a leader, you’re in the most valuable position for providing your team with confidence. That means, first and foremost; you need to consider your actions and how they impact your team and their confidence, or lack thereof. No one benefits from someone trying to diminish an individual’s confidence.

Your actions as a leader should impact your team in a positive way and your decisions should be consistent with your goals for the team. Don’t let your words be something your team just hears. Back your words up with actions, letting them know how much faith you have in their abilities. A good leader will set the right tone for their team to believe in themselves enough to take risks and allow them to go the extra-mile for the company’s success.

Your management style does impact performance, for better or worse, whether you like it or not.

Being a leader is not for the faint of heart. And to be a real meaningful leader -one that is not self-serving- you have to care about the people you lead. It’s a proven fact that people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. If you’re the type of leader who believes that winning is only getting the team to do what you want them to do, and you’re not tuned into what matters to them, then the success will be very short-lived. Eventually the same people that look to you for guidance and appreciation will be the same people handing in their resignation if you overlook this essential part.

A great leader will recognize the strengths within a team for better talent results.

In the new millennium and new era of technology exposure within the world, leadership has demanded a different approach than in previous generations. As times have changed, the leadership role has also evolved. Today’s leader has to choose to be focused on not only identifying and developing rising talent to get the most from their team, but they also need to create the right environment that fulfills the key objectives set by an individual and utilize their core strengths.

Throughout the last decade, Jeffry Schneider has spent time focusing on giving back to others that are less fortunate while utilizing his leadership skills to make an impact. Rather than just write a check to a charity, Jeffry decided to use his natural leadership abilities to involve himself by becoming a sponsor of a charitable organization within his home state of Texas.  This group works with people in Central America.  They help to provide clothes, food and shelter, as well as needed surgeries and medications. In true leadership form, Jeffry became invested in this organization and with his encouragement, support, and direction, the group has made a positive difference.

Nick Vertucci Opens Eyes To Better Money-Making Opportunities At The NV Real Estate Academy

If you’ve never once considered becoming a real estate investor, you might be missing out on more opportunities than you know. A common misconception is that real estate is difficult field to break into and that it takes years of education and experience to become adept at it. But this is not the case at all if you take it from Nick Vertucci who started a training program that helps anyone willing to learn how to break into the field even if they don’t have a college degree. This is the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy which gives people the basics they need to understand the real estate market and make a purchase, and then helps them hit the ground with the tools they need to flip homes and resell them for big profits.

Nick Vertucci reached success in real estate without a college degree himself and even came out of a poverty-stricken background. His family barely made enough growing up to put food on the table and he lost his father when he was only 10 years old. His early adult life was spent living out of a car and doing odd jobs to try and stay afloat. He did stumble across one business opportunity which turned his fortunes around for a while selling computer parts. It made him enough money that he could buy a home, and he even married and began raising a family during this time. But it didn’t last forever because then the dot-com crash happened and Vertucci lost his business, several possessions and almost lost his home too.

Just when it looked like things were at rock bottom again, a friend introduced him to a seminar on the opportunities real estate afforded. The insights he gleaned from this seminar inspired him to get started buying and flipping homes, and he found out just how simple it really was despite what most financial publications say. So he decided to show others the key to this success by starting the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy which is based primarily in California but also travels around to other cities.

Lacey and Larkin — Supreme Court Wins

Undocumented youths across the US have been combating the most important matter in their lives for the past few weeks. The vacations, typically times of good will and cheer, have been overshadowed with anxiety and dread. In 2017, several payments concerning the DACA and DREAM Acts had been introduced to Congress. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The Trump administration introduced the intentions of repealing protections offered to citizens residing in the united states who were previously protected by the guidelines of each of the acts. Youngsters who arrived in the usa with their parents as illegal immigrants are frequently referred to as DREAMers. They are allowed to live in America and pursue their own American Dream as normal citizens.

Under the DACA Act (Deferred Action Protection for Children) these kids have been protected from being deported. Now, most of the DREAMers have grown into respectable adults and contributing members to American society. DREAMers are our surgeons, instructors, students, and attorneys.

December marked a main month in the Congressional lawsuits related to the phasing out of DACA. Many supporters are fighting for Senators to introduce an act similar to the DREAM Act that might protect immigrants’ rights as residents. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

With March 6, 2018 being the date DACA is meant to start being phased out, supporters are hoping to rally aid from Washington earlier than mid-term elections. In Arizona, undocumented students at ASU are hoping to gather sufficient help to introduce a Dream Act.

The act might replicate the Dream Act enacted with the aid of the Obama administration without the bloat of immigration enforcement or funding for Trump’s border wall.

A small victory within the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals pressured the authorities to expose their findings and research for repealing the Dream Act. The decision befell the White House after Yale filed a lawsuit in response to the decision to end the DACA program on the premise that repealing the act was discriminatory.

Even though Trump attempted to guard against revealing the facts surrounding the choice to adversely affect the lives of Americans; the legal professionals supplying the case pressed them for full disclosure. Siding with the tenets of transparency, the Supreme Court stated the government would be required to expose all documentation related to the DACA decision.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin shield freedom and the Frontera Fund often assists activists who speak out against the government’s decision to stop DACA. Larkin and Lacey are lobbying with different activists to prevent the decision to phase out DACA-DREAM.