Talk Fusion: Transforming Marketing One Video at a Time

Technological advisements have revolutionized various aspects of life including the business environment. While these technologies are revolutionizing the business sector including marketing, there are companies that are transforming video marketing using cutting edge video application. One such company is Talk Fusion: a specialist in video marketing solutions, continually churning out innovations solutions through its production line.


Talk Fusion’s commitment towards developing the best video marketing solutions in marketing saw it being honored by Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) with a Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award for 2016. The award recognizes the company’s commitment towards developing technological solutions that improved communication in the marketing industry. The recognition of Talk Fusion’s eye-catching was the second time its innovative solutions were honored by TMC. The award-winning solution, Video Chat, is a marketing video application compatible with not only smartphones and tablets but also personal computers. The company’s management believe the app, which is downloadable from Google Play store and iTunes, is just of the many innovative solutions it has lined up along its pipeline.


Products and Services


Talk Fusion, founded in 2007 and headquartered in Brandon, Florida, is committed towards delivering high-end video marketing solutions for its client base. Their all-in-one video award-winning solutions are easy to use and provide unmatched solutions to their clients. The products and services are professionally customized to meet the various unique brands of their client. The company offers their clients a free 30-day trial before they can purchase the. Some of the products include video email, video newsletters, video chat, live meetings and sign-up forms for new customers and contacts. All their products, including its new website, are interactive. The company has partnered with Independent Associates to spearhead person-to-person marketing of its innovative video marketing solutions. Currently, the company’s products are available in over 140 countries globally.  Read more at PR News Wire about Talk Fusion.




Talk Fusion, through its dedicated leaders, is committed towards ensuring that the marketing endeavors of the clients are not only persuasive but also memorable and engaging. The founder and chief executive of the company, Bob Reina, is a two-decade marketing and direct selling veteran. Ryan Page, a specialist in management of information systems and accounting serves as the company’s technical officer.





3 Pick Me Up Movies



There will come a time when you just need to watch one of those feel good movies. A movie that makes you think that there is good in the world. A movie to help you get out of a funk and spark something in you. Here are some of the best feel good movies out there.


The Perks Of Being A Wallflower is not only a great book but an amazing movie as well. While there is some dark subject matter in this movie it shows you how important it is to be kind to people. You never know what someone is going through and how important your friendship could actually be to someone.


Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind is one of those feel good movies that hits you in the feels every time you watch it. You would think that wiping out your memories of the one you love would solve all your problems but you’d be wrong. This is a great movie for anyone who needs a little pick me up after a heartbreak.


Never Been Kissed is a classic 90s comedies with all the elements of bringing on a feel good mood. If you ever want to get motivated to take charge of your life or to remind yourself that your more than the person you were or are in high school than this movie is for you.


There are many feel good movies out there, each one with different messages that can provide you with a pick me up feeling. Next time you need a feel good movie try one of these three.


If You Do The Lime Crime, You’ll Do The Unicorn Time

Immensely popular and wonderfully unique, Lime Crime has been instrumental in bringing beauty enthusiasts the best of cruelty free makeup that is both bold and beautiful.


Daring as much as she is lovely, Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, has dedicated years to being the champion self-expression through her completely vegan-safe line of lip stains and eye shadows. From metallic lip stains that shine to lip stains that sparkle like diamonds, from exotic eye shadows, to eye shadows that are bold, yet natural. Doe Deere created a line of products that are long lasting, and encourages her customers to take risks and express who they feel on the inside.


Exciting news for Lime Crime fans, Doe Deere has done it again with a new line of unicorn hair colors that are amazingly vibrant, wild and fun. These colors are completely ammonia, peroxide and bleach free which means this product will not damage your hair. Lime Crime’s standards have been making sure their products are cruelty free/vegan safe, and that has not changed with their hair colors. Every ingredient has been painstakingly examined and then approved as vegan-safe.


What makes this color even more amazing, you do not need to have blonde or bleached hair to enjoy the color. There are colors that will show beautifully on dark, unbleached hair such as their Chocolate Cherry and Blue Smoke colors. Lime Crime has 13 delectable colors to choose from, at the reasonable price of $16.00. Choose one color, or grab a few for a true Unicorn style. On Lime Crime’s website, there are video tutorials on how to use the colors and create rainbow waves or colorful stripes.


Experiment, be bold, be creative, be uniquely you. Lime Crime gives you everything you need to bring your imagination to life, and you can feel confident that you are supporting a company that believes in cruelty free, vegan products. Lip stains, eye shadows, and now unicorn hair… do you dare?


Lime Crime, the one crime that is still worth committing.


For more information, visit the websites linked below, be sure to order while supplies last!



Felipe Montoro: a Latin American-based Leader in Infrastructure Projects

The Brazilian government plans to liaise with the National Bank for Economic Development (BNDES) to improve the sanitation sector. This initiative has attracted businesspersons such as Felipe Montoro and Edison.


Felipe’s thoughts on the involvement of the private sector in providing public sanitation services


Felipe is a highly respected project manager and strategist in the infrastructure industry. According to Felipe, the partnership between the private and public sectors will a have a significant impact on the provision of sanitation services. Felipe pointed out that water shortage and management of waste present a major problem in Brazil. BNDES is expected to conduct surveys and come up with plans that will solve these pre-existing sanitation problems. Having done research on the places that are substantially affected, BNDES can now come up with specific projects that can serve the needs of each affected area. Felipe also added that the private sector has sufficient resources to implement these projects to help the Brazilian community. Felipe also emphasized that there should be a relationship between the ability of a company to deliver services and the utility it chooses to sponsor.


About Felipe Montoro


Felipe Montoro Jens is a dedicated business executive and corporate leader. He acquired his business degrees from two highly ranked centers of excellence: Thunderbird School and Getulio Vargas Foundation. Felipe is a project manager, and he has supervised activities in projects such as energy, real estate, agriculture, water, and sewerage. Felipe is experienced in planning, treasury, corporate, and management of projects. He spends his time in the UK and Singapore, overseeing projects and providing consultancy services for clients who wish to set up programs. He is also vocal on matters pertaining environmental sanitation. Felipe also worked for Terna S.p.A. Throughout his tenure in this enterprise; he worked in the project development and structured the finance division. He also supervised activities in the firm’s consulting and auditing departments.

JustFab Creates All-inclusive Brands for Women of all Sizes

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the Co-Founders of JustFab. This is a company that deals in fashion with the latest technology in the United States. For you to join the group, you must be willing to pay the monthly subscription fee. One you pay for the first month, you may not pay the subscription fee for the rest of your life if you purchase clothes every month. This is an e-commerce online retailing company that has more than 10 million subscribers. In 2011, JustFab received more than $30 million from Matrix Equity Partners as the fastest way of funding to increase their annual growth. According to Don Ressler, JustFab was also joined by the Kimora Lee Simmons Company to expand in a manner that is not precedent in the industry. According to the company, they managed to reach a target of more than six million members by the end of 2012.

JustFab is one of the fastest companies to develop through the American mutual funds. Because of its growth capability, it has also attracted the hedge fund and other Instagram private funding to move its deals. During the latest private financing on Pando, the company was also valued at more than $ billion. For this reason, it is now ranked as the most recent illustration of public investors who want to form the largest private venture in the United States.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler also confirmed that more than $85 million was raised by the new finding system of the company. Matrix Partners investors participated with the Passport Special Opportunity Funding to raise the necessary funds needed to propel the company forward. Fabletics and JustFab and the all-inclusive brands. The digital space is in constant renovation through JusFab. Because the company has one of the best design team in the country, its membership has never decreased. As a matter of fact, the “All Size” campaign furthered its extension and capability to cater for all customer sizes. The slogan of the company is to make every woman feel beautiful o further their business.

According to JustFab head of the design team at, the company celebrates every member. Therefore, they develop all plans to fit diverse personalities and body shapes. Its primary focus is always value, style, and fit. When the “all Size” campaign was launched, it led the company to develop a personalized style of value for all members. According to, this campaign also ranges from the flirty dresses to the detailed moto leggings made by denim.

Get The Best Representation With Experienced Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck

Get The Best Representation With Experienced Litigation Attorney Karl HeideckThe most popular yet most feared career in law is that of a litigator. A litigator is a trial attorney who negotiates disputes which escalate to the court. Since litigation involves finding a solution to a case through the court system, litigation attorneys spend much of their time in the courtroom handling various kinds of lawsuits. A litigator represents defendants and plaintiffs in civil cases and handles all phases of the litigation process, from investigation to appeals if a settlement is not agreed on by parties involved.

Education Needed to Qualify as a Litigator
To become a litigation attorney, one must complete an undergraduate degree, Juris Doctor (JD) and pass the bar examination. One can obtain a bachelor’s degree that will qualify him to get admitted into the law school, take the law school admission test, and then earn the JD degree. After passing the written bar exam, one will get licensed to practice as a litigator and should search for entry-level job as a litigation lawyer to gain the relevant experience.

One should have excellent communication skill- both written and verbal, understand how to use Microsoft Office and other legal software, be a critical thinker, have excellent research and analysis skills, be honest, able to multitask and be organized. A successful litigator is one who can interact with and interview those they are representing as well as the witnesses and must possess comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the courtroom procedure.

About Litigation Lawyer Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck is a talented litigation attorney in the Greater Philadelphia region. He specializes in litigation, risk management as well as compliance practices, and has skills in commercial litigation, corporate law, legal writing, product liability, employment law, and legal research. Karl has ten years experience practicing as an attorney.

Education and Career Background of Karl Heideck
The successful career of Karl began at Swarthmore College where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in English and Literature. He then enrolled at the Temple University Beasley School of Law and graduated with honors. Since April 2015, Karl Heideck has been working as a Contract Attorney at Hire Counsel, Wilmington. Before then he worked at Pepper Hamilton LLP for three years after serving as an associate at Conrad O’Brien in 2010. Karl Heideck is a reputable attorney whose intelligence combined with experience makes him successful in most cases that he represents.

Ranking The Funniest Black Female Comedians


There are a multitude of funny black women in comedy. My favorites include Wanda Sykes, Leslie Jones, and Yvette Nicole Brown. I find all three to be hilarious in their own way and that are distinctly different from one another.


Speaking of black women comedians, Wanda Sykes is downright funny, and she has found success in many fields of entertainment. Her first big success was as a writer on The Chris Rock Show for which she won a Primetime Emmy in 1999. Entertainment Weekly also named her one of the funniest people in 2004. She has since been on a few notable sitcoms, many movies, and even more voice characters in cartoon movies.


Leslie Jones has the biggest smile ever and cracks me up every time she moves. Her big break was being hired by Saturday Night Live, as a writer and comedian of the show. Her newest achievement has been as one of the all too funny characters in the recent Ghostbusters remake.


Yvette Nicole Brown has a persona of being funny, but an incredibly “nice” person at the same time. Her success has been recognized in multiple TV commercials, televisions shows, and black movies. Her roles played in the sitcom, Community, Drake and Josh, and The Odd Couple have been her most impressive roles.

The Value of a Community Bank

There are a lot of banking issues going on around the country. With the latest scandal at Wells Fargo, many people are starting to look for other banking options. One trend is to look online for a bank that can provide all of your needs. Although this is growing in popularity, a lot of people still prefer to meet face to face with people in a bank for their needs. This is where community banks are starting to thrive again. Nexbank is the type of bank that is going to take things to the next level in its local area. Not only does it have all of the service that you could want, but it is also a company that is ready to invest for the future. With all of the technology that is needed, it has done a great job of helping others in this area.


When Nexbank was started, a lot of people did not know whether it would last. However, it is a company that has done a great job over the long term helping others. If you are ready to start thinking about the future, now is the time to work with a bank that you know you can trust. They have a great staff of people who are there to help you if you have any questions about a certain process. Not only that, but they are starting to help others in a variety of other areas as well. Over the course of time, this is truly a company that is going to make a positive impact on their local community.

In the coming years, Nexbank wants to expand its customer base greatly. Not only is this a good thing for the company, but it is a good thing for the local community as well. A lot of people are excited about the things that Nexbank is working on.


Clay Siegall Contribution in the Field of Cancer Research Cannot be Overlooked

Among the many companies that have delved into cancer research over the last one to two decades, Seattle Genetics stands out as the leading company when it comes to innovation and expertise. At the center of the company’s excellence is Dr. Clay Siegall, its CEO of the last 15 years. Under the leadership of Siegall, who is also the firm’s president and board chairman, Seattle Genetics has witnessed massive advancements in cancer research, including developing several cancer therapies for those battling the life-threatening disease. Among the notable of these therapies include ADCETRIS®, an FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate. Consequently, its products are dominating markets in over 60 countries, with the stock tripling over a period of not more than five years.

Siegall’s Experience

Dr. Clay Siegall is a very accomplished man, with his experience in Genetics spanning over two decades. His first accomplishment was successful completion of a Ph.D. in Genetics from the internationally celebrated George Washington University. Equipped with his Ph.D., Siegall kicked off what would later turn out to be an excellent career at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as a senior research investigator. Following a thorough service in the position, he earned a promotion to the rank of principal scientist. At this point, Siegall had already made a name for himself, and it was just a matter of few years before National Cancer Institute hired him to serve as a biotechnology fellow. Having accumulated all this experience, he set off on his own to establish Seattle Genetics.

More about Siegall

Siegall’s brilliance extends beyond cancer research. He has in the past shown great mobilization skills by single-handedly fundraising funds for his company to the tune of $1.2 billion. He is also a prolific scientific publisher, with about 70 articles and 15 patents to his name. In a nutshell, Siegall is not just helping patients; he is also aiding future research by these publications.

On March 28, 2016, Bizjournal reported that Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics were on the verge of hiring an extra 350 employees. Siegall had revealed to the journal that 120 employees would be hired within that year, with 100 of them working in the U.S. and the rest in Switzerland.


Yanni Hufnagel’s Recruiting Skills Are Best In College Basketball

Yanni Hufnagel is a Jewish man in his early 30s. He has loved basketball his entire life despite the fact he’s never been very good at it.

“I can make an open shot like a lot of Jewish players out there,” he jokes, “but that’s about it.”

Growing up in Scarsdale, New York, he was cut from his high school varsity team. But that did not keep him away from the game that he loves. He became the announcer for the team and that quickly exposed his penchant for basketball strategy.

Yanni Hufnagel was a pretty good athlete growing up, he just couldn’t play basketball. He played one year of college lacrosse before transferring to Cornell University. There he achieved an unpaid internship with the New Jersey Nets washing the player’s laundry. He just couldn’t stay away from his favorite game.

He then put his basketball mind to work and he got his big break in 2009. He took an unpaid assistant basketball coaching position at Harvard University where he led the team to its first Ivy League championship. He put his recruiting abilities on display at his four-year tenure at Harvard. And it didn’t hurt that the team went 79-24 during that time.

His tenacity in the recruiting world gained him attention in 2011. A CBS Sports poll of college coaches around the country named him the most likely assistant coach in college basketball to make it big based on recruiting skills. People that know him say that his recruiting is next level because he is not afraid to hear the word no and he is a very likable person.

What’s most remarkable about his time at Harvard University is the fact that the school does not issue athletic scholarships Yet he was able to craft a championship team.