New Beneful Commercials Feature Dynamic Dogs

The new Beneful commercials feature interviews with pets and pet owners, and highlight the fact that the number one ingredient in their products are meat. One commercial features Becky and her adorable Corgi, Einstein. Einstein chose to wear his “power tie” in the commercial. Becky claims that Beneful dog food gives him so much energy that he believes he can jump into the sky and catch a bird.

Jessica and her dog, Riley. According to Jessica, Riley is loves chicken flavored Beneful so much that if she doesn’t hide the bag he will not stop trying to stick his face into it. In this ad, Riley has a few things to say. He starts the Beneful commercial with asking us “what’s up” and comments on how “spectacular” the food is while he’s eating it. In the Beneful Break’n’Bites feature and unnamed chocolate lab as the narrator. After describing the product, he has some advice who dogs who hope that their owners will give them a Break’n’Bite: “you gotta get cute” to know more: click here.