Market America Convention 2017 Was A Blast

Market America Convention 2017 was a blast for all the attendees as well as the hosts. Market America Inc. held this convention at the end of the summer in North Carolina. Out of all their international conventions, their 2017 convention was the largest on record. There were almost 200,000 people present, and there ended up being standing room only.

Market America Convention 2017 began with talks from some of the best business owners and marketing consultants in the world. These individuals gave advice on how new business owners should approach the market, and they also gave advice regarding how people current business owners should follow new marketing trends.

As the convention went on, there was much fun for everyone. The convention hosts got all the attendees involved with exercises that made people laugh and learn new marketing strategies at the same time. There were even several acts that performed for pure entertainment. These acts included a circus crew, singers, dancers, and more. Market America is planning on making their next convention even better. They are currently looking for a bigger arena so more people can enjoy the convention experience.

Market America recently put out an article to all business people regarding attitude. After several business and marketing studies, they are convinced that attitude is what makes the business owner or marketing specialists. Though a person needs schooling and experience, it is evident for people to have a positive attitude toward the world of business.

Market America’s study consisted of people with business experience and bad attitudes versus people with no experience but positive attitudes. The individuals with a positive attitude showed more positive growth in the world of business than the people with the experience. Market America is shocked by these results, and they are planning on furthering this study in the near future.

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