Lime Crime Cosmetics Has a New Palette

If Lime Crime cosmetics could be described in one word, empowering would be a notion. Lime crime has cosmetics that bring out your inner vibrancy. With beauty taken to new heights, Lime Crime is unlike any other beauty brand with vegan and cruelty free products that outshine the rest.

This striking cosmetic line has goodies for everyone. Rich and bold lip sticks that glide on perfectly. Take your lips to a new level. You can go with matte velvetines, or you can go with a stunning metallic lip and every beautiful thing in between. Light up your eyes with bright and brilliant eye shadow palettes that will turn heads. Try out the new and super chic pocket candy palettes. These are sure to please with 3 highly pigmented palettes that include sugar plum, pink lemonade, and bubblegum. These palettes are just lovely with both a pop of color and neutral shades to suit any occasion. Don’t just stop here, get your highlight on girl! If you don’t have the necessary tools for your makeup, look no further, LimeCrime has you covered with make-up brush sets and pouches.

Lime Crime is a culprit in helping you stand out in any crowd. This cosmetic line doesn’t just stop with your face. Lime Crime wants to give you the whole package. With a slayed face, why not treat your mane with Unicorn Hair fantasy hair color. Take a break from the norm and seek out your unique style with these long lasting hair color shades. With more than 20 awesome hair dyes you are sure to find your perfect match. Now, what about those nails? Nails often make or break you. You can’t possibly kill it with your slayed hair and a beat face and have busted nails. Lime Crime wouldn’t let that happen. Check out the iridescent pop-on nails that give you life in just a matter of minutes. Skip the nail salon and try out these luminous nails that look and feel natural on your hands.

Now that you are bedazzled by Lime Crime step out and make your mark. Feel free to shine from the inside out with these cosmetics. Be vivacious, be bold. Release your inner unicorn with Lime Crime.