Life Hacks by Wengie

The Australian international YouTube star, Wengie, gives us some great advice about everyday matters in life. Here is a look at some of her best advice or life hacks. Let’s take a look at these Wengie inspired life hacks right now.


  1. Shave your clothing? What? That’s right, Wengie advises people to take a shaver to remove the knaps from their clothing once it starts to go old. A person will simply take a disposable razor and “lightly” (I do emphasize the word lightly) to remove the knaps from the material. This hack works but do not make your strokes too hard because you can rip your garment.


  1. Staple remover to change keys on a ring. Wengie suggests using a staple remover to open up a key ring to exchange or to remove keys.


  1. Remembering things is easy when you place everything in one location and underneath an item that you will not forget. Wengie provides this life hack so people can take everything they will need for a given day out of the door with them.


  1. Sleep on your clothes because it will force you to clean them up. Wengie does not like to fold her clothing so she suggests sleeping on them. This should force a person to fold up their items and put them away.


  1. Paper in the garbage. Wengie suggests that people put newspaper at the bottom of their garbage back to stop the wet garbage juice from collecting at the bottom.


  1. Scratching out the evidence. Wengie lets people know that they should write letters and numbers over any type of handwritten material that they do not want. Most people will scratch these out by placing pen over them. Wengie says to use the letters and numbers so it will be harder for people to detect what was originally written.


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  1. Mark out the heat. Wengie suggests that a person use an erasable marker to designate the temperature that they want for their shower. It would mean that dissertation writers have everything in common and that is what it entails which might not be far from the truth too.

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