Jorge Moll – A neuroscientist like no other

Scientists for decades have been able to identify hormonal and neurotransmitter activity based on our emotions, presence or absence of stressors and behavior. Dr. Jorge Moll a neuroscientist has sought to identify the psychology and brain connection behind human choices and preferences. As president and member of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) in Rio de Janeiro he has published various studies on the connection between the decisions we make and the science behind it. Dr. Jorge Moll is a neuroscientist like no other. He also leads the cognitive neuroscience unit and Neuroinformatics Workgroup at IDOR while conducting research in neuroscience.

In one of Dr. Moll’s recent research, he and his colleagues were able to expand previous findings about the mesolimbic reward system as a mechanism of reinforcement in decision-making. Jorge Moll’s work continues to pave the way in the field of neuroscience and psychology. He has proven that social attachment, aversion, and neural systems of reward are linked to human altruism.

An expert in his field; Dr. Jorge Moll continues to study the chemistry between our emotions, brain and how we function socially as humans. His work continues to provide an array of research evidence in over 89 publications covering topics such as neuropsychiatry and associated behaviors, depression and attention deficit disorder (Inspirery).

Dr. Moll’s passion for helping others improve their quality of life despite their health conditions continues to make him a neuroscientist like no other. His goal to understand the disease process on the cellular level allows for interventions to be tailored accordingly. This will decrease the band-aid effect and foster long term solutions.

As a scientist, Jorge Moll MD keeps his passion for changing lives going by keeping it interesting. You may find him cultivating world-class research while mentoring in his home town of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.