Investment Options for the Modern World

One of the more attractive reasons for employment beyond the obvious fact that you need a steady income to pay bills and survive, is to invest your hard earned money and prepare for your future retirement. While the common practice to do this is to either open a 401k or 403b through an employer or even a Roth IRA, Matt Badiali, a man who has close ties to the investment world, has recently released another possibility for investment; the freedom check. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

Freedom checks are simply funded payouts in the form of paper checks that are distributed to shareholders as an alternative choice for an investment opportunity. Unlike social security checks or Medicare payments, freedom checks are not backed by the federal government and therefore really don’t follow in line with the same rules that other investment options need to. Freedom checks are attractive to corporations as they are not taxed making them extremely cheap alternatives to more common investment types. The only requirement that a company really needs to have that matters is that they need to prove they earn 90% of their total revenue from oil or gasoline sales. Adopting such a system would be a massive boost for the more industrial side of the United States economy, something that many companies should seriously consider putting the time in to, especially since the United States of America has gone from an industrial giant into a modern service country who tends to outsource their industry to developing nations. Watch this video at Youtube.

In a world where pensions no longer truly exist and where social security may vanish before the current generation can retire there is a need for a more updated and secure form of investment. Shareholders can continue to rely on their normal means of investment, but account types such as 403b, 401k, and IRAs are normally taxed at some point, and with a heavy cost to those who want to use them for the future. Freedom checks work outside the bounds of these issues thanks to Statute 26-F, making them untaxable, at least on one level. Less tax means more money in the shareholder’s pocket that they can grow in an account, and additional funding for an unknown future is not only a smart choice, its the only real choice that any American citizen truly has in the current world.