Igor Cornelsen, the Brazilian Stock Market Business Icon

Igor is a renowned investment banker in Brazil. His business expertise has enabled him to be appointed to serve in senior leadership position in some of the world largest banking institutions. He works at Bainbridge Group Inc because the agency is among the few ones that can be trusted to offer expert insight and advice into investing. At Bainbridge Group Inc. Mr. Igor is in a good position to provide investors with an opportunity to invest in foreign exchange and commodities. Igor also offers individualized consultancy services. Businesspeople consult him to get expert advice on how they can make sustainable and intelligent investments in stock market.


Cornelsen says that Brazilian Bankers tend to lend the most creditworthy borrowers. For bankers in Brazil, what matters most is the sense of security. Below are tips that Igor offers to investors who consider investing in Brazilian stocks. Igor Cornelsen states that Brazil being the largest economy in the continent has ten major state and privately owned investment and commercial banks. Some of the notable institutions include; HSBC, Banrisul, Banco do Brasil, Caixa Economica Federal, BTG Pactual, Santander, and Citibank Brazil. Igor adds that the appointment of Levy Joaquim as the new finance minister could bring positive impacts to Brazil banks.


Mr. Igor advises entrepreneurs to pay a lot of attention to China. Brazil’s largest trading partner is China. The two countries are intrinsically linked regarding the economy. For instance, if the Chinese economy is strong, it means that raw materials in China fetch good prices. Igor Cornelsen says that investors ought to pay attention to the trading partner of the country they wish to make investments in for an extended period. Good knowledge of connected markets enables entrepreneurs to understand their investments.


Cornelsen also notes that in the recent past, Brazil has been overvaluing its currency. As a result, exports lost competitiveness thus creating massive current account deficits. With the new Brazil’s administration, devaluation is expected to continue which is a good way of encouraging investments in the region. The result of the devaluation of currency will be increased competitiveness of exports. In the long run, the disequilibrium of current accounts will decrease thus giving investors viable business opportunities. http://igorcornelsen.yolasite.com/