Great Entrepreneur Tips from Jim Tananbaum

In an interview with Ideamesh, Jim Tananbaum conceded that the idea to form Foresite Capital developed from his wealth of experience in healthcare. According to his observation, the growth of healthcare industry solely relied on innovations. Most players, however, do not recognize the great potential in the innovation and teams from different quarters. Foresite collects information from publications on current changes and advances in healthcare providing a platform for viable and promising investment options in the health sector.

In a given day, Jim Tananbaum spends time with team members evaluating different prospective companies and new updates in the industry. Gathered knowledge not only helps in the creation of new strategies but as well identification of new networks. Through engagement of smart and insightful leaders in healthcare, Jim easily manages to bring his ideas to life. Understanding that capital alone is not enough to bring ideas to life gives him the lead in the industry. Embracing habits that improve individual’s undertakings where he points at learning as his best also improve on the entrepreneur success.

Jim graduated from Yale University with a bachelor of science degree in maths and electrical engineering. He proceeded to Harvard for his masters and Massachusetts Institute of Technology for M.S. After his graduating from college, Jim founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals introducing two drugs at a cost less $80 million. He later sold the business and co-founded Therevance, Inc. sharing GSK’s respiratory franchise. His other involvements include co-founding Prospect Ventures Partners II and III and Sierra Ventures. He runs a long-term working relationship with his mentors and partners who are instrumental in providing him with necessary resources and ideas to grow his current venture.

He founded Foresite Capital in 2011 with intent to provide healthcare industry leaders with adequate resources to grow their businesses. Foresite Capital specializes in the identification of emerging industry leaders and offers assistance through the supply of information, capital, and networks essential for growth. As the CEO of Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum seeks for strategic, operational and financial opportunities available to pass on to prospective innovators in the industry. His contribution to the health care industry is massive with investments in over 77 healthcare companies involved in medical companies, diagnostics, biopharmaceuticals and genomic sequencing. You can visit his page to know more.


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