Felipe Montoro Jens: The Man Talking Brazilian Concessions

In recent times, the Brazilian government has been undergoing massive changes that have changed the way the corporations in the country work. The country has brought along numerous policies that have been implemented by the government in association with some of the biggest banks in the entire country. With that in mind, the government is only providing these concessions to people who are working in the public sector. Because of the nature of the government and how it used to run, there were a lot of discrepancies between the government and the people working in the public sector. Private organizations were given more importance, and because they had more money, could have access to a wider range of resources to bring their projects to life. This benefited a few companies, but certain government-run industries took a back seat.

 Felipe Montoro Jens, a notable member of the industrial giants in Brazil recently conducted an interview with Edison Carlos, who is one of the big names in the sanitation industry. In the interview, Carlos went on to explain the reality of the situation, and factored in that most of the sanitation industry is run by people in the public sector, using the funds provided by the government. This leaves very little scope for the people working in these and does not boost development in any way. The introduction of these new policies will make way for something bigger, giving life to innovations in the industry. All in all, the government would be able to make a lot more money than it used to because it has two kinds of governments now running smoothly.

The new concessions that the government wants to implement will be made through the National Bank for Economic and Social Development in collaboration with several independent banks.

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