Felipe Montoro: a Latin American-based Leader in Infrastructure Projects

The Brazilian government plans to liaise with the National Bank for Economic Development (BNDES) to improve the sanitation sector. This initiative has attracted businesspersons such as Felipe Montoro and Edison.


Felipe’s thoughts on the involvement of the private sector in providing public sanitation services


Felipe is a highly respected project manager and strategist in the infrastructure industry. According to Felipe, the partnership between the private and public sectors will a have a significant impact on the provision of sanitation services. Felipe pointed out that water shortage and management of waste present a major problem in Brazil. BNDES is expected to conduct surveys and come up with plans that will solve these pre-existing sanitation problems. Having done research on the places that are substantially affected, BNDES can now come up with specific projects that can serve the needs of each affected area. Felipe also added that the private sector has sufficient resources to implement these projects to help the Brazilian community. Felipe also emphasized that there should be a relationship between the ability of a company to deliver services and the utility it chooses to sponsor.


About Felipe Montoro


Felipe Montoro Jens is a dedicated business executive and corporate leader. He acquired his business degrees from two highly ranked centers of excellence: Thunderbird School and Getulio Vargas Foundation. Felipe is a project manager, and he has supervised activities in projects such as energy, real estate, agriculture, water, and sewerage. Felipe is experienced in planning, treasury, corporate, and management of projects. He spends his time in the UK and Singapore, overseeing projects and providing consultancy services for clients who wish to set up programs. He is also vocal on matters pertaining environmental sanitation. Felipe also worked for Terna S.p.A. Throughout his tenure in this enterprise; he worked in the project development and structured the finance division. He also supervised activities in the firm’s consulting and auditing departments.