Equities First – Specialists in Equity Based Loans

Equities First have the answer to borrowing for many businesses and individuals alike. They are the premier investment and loan company operating in the market today.Starting in 2002, equity first has laid the groundwork for innovative business loans for all types of credit and situations.Larger and more established businesses have the ability to access traditional loans through their banking institution, but smaller businesses and individuals don’t have that option available to them. This is the niche that Equities First has targeted.

Borrowers have the unique option of using securities as collateral to secure loans through EF. The equity lending program is not a new investment vehicle but it is one that Equities First has perfected and taken to the individual level.The flexible terms of loan provide the borrower with the option of using the collateral they already have in the stocks they own. In this way, the borrower will not have to liquidate the stocks they own or alter their portfolio in any way. By maintaining the position they have and being able to borrow funds from that loan for any purpose they use provides a new source of liquidity and flexibility that previously hasn’t been widely available in the past.

Typically these types of loans do not have the same stringent requirements that traditional loans do. The borrowing margins are much higher, the interest rates are usually lower and the funds don’t have to be used for a specific purpose. Moreover, the securities are returned to the borrower after the loan is satisfied. This allows the borrower to maintain the stock position they had before the loan.This is the perfect solution in difficult economic times when cash needs to flow freely and banks are tightening their loan requirements.This loan option is available to all Equities First account holders as a borrowing option. To explore the possibilities of this borrowing option contact your Equities First Account Executive today.