Economist And Car Expert – Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is an economist by profession, and after his high school graduation, he joined Ridley College and later the University of Western Ontario where he specialized in Economist. He graduated from the University, and in 1971 he was lucky to join his family in the family business where he gained business skills. The family food processing business had been in existence for over 16 years, and it was named as a leader in the delivering of fresh food. The food organization made their imports from America as well as Europe and imported to other countries mainly Canada and the United States of America.


In the 90’s and 80’s James Aziz was not involved in the food business, but he also engaged himself in other sectors including the banking industry. While still in the banking industry Aziz got another investment idea. He was able to invest and acquire National Steel Car a car manufacturing firm which was then owned by Dofasco. National Steel is a Canadian car organization and with the skills as well as the knowledge that Greg had he purposed to change the face of the car manufacturing company. Greg Aziz bought National Steel in 1994, and with his economic mind and knowledge, he was able to change the firm. Being involved in business, Greg was able to view the car business with a business eye and mind. During his early days in the company, Mr. Aziz noticed that the firm had strong teamwork and also engineering ability.


When Gregory James Aziz acquired the car manufacturing firm, he had a dream of making the organization one of the leading car manufacturing firms in Northern America. Mr. James worked hard to ensure that he has increased the number of staffs from 600 to 3000 and the number of manufactured cars also raised from 3500 cars which were produced each year to 12000 annually. Greg is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. Read This Article to learn more.


1It is because of Greg’s effort that National Steel is celebrating their 100 years of quality car manufacturing, engineering, as well as excellent customer service. National Steel Car was established in 1912, and it prides itself on being the only car manufacturing firm which meets their clients demand. They are responsible for producing customer-oriented fright of vehicles. Through the car firm, Aziz supports the Hamilton Community, United Way, the Hamilton Opera, Theater Aquarius, as well as Salvation Army among other charitable organizations.