Drew Madden: The Future of Medical IT

Drew Madden is continually striving to improve the electronic art of medical record keeping. Medical records are one of the central systems in the healthcare technology field. Drew Madden has been working in this industry for many years. Educated at the University of Iowa, Madden received a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering.

Not only has Madden worked to improve the technology involved in EMR, but he knows this field of healthcare technology can advance all forms of communications. Scheduling benefits doctors and patients in a family practice setting. In large hospitals, where there are thousands of workers, an electronic schedule can reduce the stress level of administrators. Check out evergreenhealthcarepartners.com

Healthcare IT systems can manage patient data. Patients information must be centralized, and once combined, it must be diagnosed giving the physician a starting point for treatment.

An IT system the bundles together the blood work results, patients medication, and other pertinent information could efficiently produce reports for physicians to study. Doctors could look at the history on one profile. These reports are time savers, and the data makes it easier to present cases to insurance coverage to get authorizations for some treatments.

Reports created by these healthcare systems will provide a history. Test features, such as blood sugar levels in a person with diabetes, are easily charted. The future goal of all this monitoring is to watch for trends in patient behavior. Positive patterns and negative trends may develop, but using a communication center where data is inputted, stored, and access the outcomes in patient care will be higher.

Drew Madden understands the challenges of healthcare technologies. He works to improve existing models and create innovations. The goal is to create an easier and better environment for healthcare workers, and results orientated programs for patients. You can search on Google for more.

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