Dr. Cameron Clokie: Torontos Hardworking Surgeon and Executive

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a dedicated surgeon who focuses his specialization in regenerative medicine and reconstructive surgery. He is known for developing new methods in treating patients that damaged their bones in the past, and he is also sharing these techniques to other physicians around the world to help patients suffering from a variety bone disorders and injuries. Dr. Cameron Clokie expects his field of specialty to be the future of medicine, which is why he is also writing several articles and scientific journals about bone reconstruction and regenerative medicine. Dr. Cameron Clokie also serves as the CEO for Induce Biologics Inc., and he shared the results of his studies and research to the scientists working for the company to develop URIST. URIST is a new method for bone reconstruction, and it involves the transfer of substances vital for the regeneration of bone cells, and they replace the damaged ones in the shortest amount of time.

Dr. Cameron Clokie has already started using URIST for his patients. People who suffered substantial bone damages in the past or those who are presently experiencing bone issues have paid a visit to the office of Dr. Cameron Clokie and asked him for help. These people wanted to regrow their bones to feel better, and there are a total of eight people all throughout Canada who have undergone the bone regeneration treatment offered by Induce Biologics Inc. URIST, the method developed by Dr. Cameron Clokie, was used in their treatment to help them regenerate their bones, and most of the patients are satisfied with the results. They are stating that the new bones which are growing inside their body feel natural, and they indicated that it has the same density and nothing feels strange.

People who are interested in the treatment can visit the Toronto General Hospital and the Mount Sinai Hospital, where Dr. Cameron Clokie can assess them and see what he can do to treat their bone injuries. Because of the treatment that he developed, Dr. Cameron Clokie is now making news throughout the nation, and he is expecting that more people will be visiting the hospital where he is working to seek for the same treatment.