Desiree Perez, the strong negotiator

There has been the advancement of technology and music industry not left behind. Many companies are using the latest technology to showcase quality music from different talented musicians. One of the enterprises that are currently doing well is Tidal. Many other companies are offering the same services, but for a company to survive, it must provide excellent music to its consumers and also ensure that there is always quality music. There are top companies such as Apple, Spotify, and Google that have already established their market. If you are an entrant in the business, you have to be the best and provide the best and quality music so that you can attract many customers.


Remember that the best part of the music streaming business is establishing a large customer base so that the firm owner can be in a position to pay the musicians who have registered with his company. If the company does not make enough cash for paying the artists signed, then you can get the disadvantage of going to your pocket so as to pay them. Everyone knows Jay-Z as a rapper who has enjoyed great success in the hip-hop music. However, Jay-Z is also an entrepreneur, and that is why he has started many companies. He also owns other businesses such as Roc Nation which is run by Juan Perez and Desiree who have worked with Jay-Z for more than twenty years.                Click this related site.


He bought the company from a technology company that is based in Sweden and later launched as his business. Though, the company started sinking mainly because of poor leadership. There was the time when leaders defected from the top jobs. According to, that is what prompted Jay-Z to seek the services of Desiree Perez because she is suitable for the position. Now with the unique and quality music from different musicians and great leadership, Jay-Z is happy that the company will remain at the top.

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