Looking to Do Something Outside of Wine Tasting in Napa Valley? Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides Provide Top Sites to See

Traveling Vineyard is one of the coolest business models I’ve seen to date. Founded in 2001 based on a love of fine Napa Valley wines, the company encourages its wine guides to become their own boss by hosting wine tasting parties that give guests the ability to purchase Napa Valley wines directly from their Wine Guide.

Because they have access to fine Napa Valley wines through their work with Traveling Vineyard, wine Guides typically take the time to explore Napa Valley in a different way. Below are some of the top recommendations for non-wine attractions in Napa Valley.

Visitors can stop by Calistooga Ranch for a day at the spa. If anyone in your party isn’t a fan of the spa there are on site painting lessons, yoga classes and even hot air balloons from the more adventurous of the group. The resort also has a five star restaurant on site called Lakehouse that offers locally sourced dishs.

Cooks can take a class with famous Chef Malcolm de Sieyes who leads daily classes at the Silverado Cooking School. Courses of all levels are available and the dish you create for yourself may be the best one you have on your entire trip.

There are also a multitude of art galleries and art exhibits throughout Napa Valley that offer everything from local, to regional, to art from some of the country’s top artists.

In its most basic form, a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide shares their love of wine by planning wine tastings for clients in their homes. The Wine Guide will set up a full tasting for you and your guests and will come prepared with a variety of Napa Valley’s best wines. The Wine Guide will then host a wonderful experience for you and your guests. This will entail the Wine Guide walking them through the various complexities of each wine and suggest pairings. As a host, you will shine by providing your guests with such a fun and free experience they will surely treasure for years to come. For more info about us: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Traveling-Vineyard-2 click here.

After the tasting is completed, your guests will be able to order any of the Napa Valley wines that they have enjoyed and your Wine Guide will have them delivered to your guests. Guests can order as much or as little volume of wine as they like and then they have ongoing access to order more wine or even host their own tasting!

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When it comes to investing in wine, it’s important to note that wine products that are of investment grades are tangible assets that are similar to owning properties. The owner has total control of their ownership. Wine products from leading Chateaus also hold certain intrinsic values; which is the same as market properties in areas of exclusivity.

Fine wine industries aren’t regulated markets and UK Vintners are merchants, not consultants of financial matters. Therefore, they don’t provide services in which they’re able to provide financial advice or any types of guarantees pertaining to potential increases of the value of any particular products of wines. The values of wine can go either way of up or down. It’s imperative for an investor of wine products to know that there’s several factors that can influence the movements of their prices. UKV PLC urges prospective buyers/investors to fully read through the subjects of wine investing prior to making any decisions about whether a particular product of wine is fitting for one’s requirements and objectives to learn more: http://ukvplc.com/Bordeaux click here.

When investing in any particular brand of wine, it’s recommended for you as an investor to do a bit of researching on the methods of production they conduct. If the product that you’re wanting to invest in hasn’t undergone total instances of fermentation, it’s possible it’s not going to taste as good as it could have had it been fermented properly. Be sure to speak with one of the consultants of UKV PLC to get an insight of what types of fermentation processes their products undergo. Doing so can give you a better indication of whether investing in their products is a suitable option for you or not. It is however important for you to know that they have been known to carry top of the line products, thus, making them a great investment option for anyone.