Indigenous People Wiki Pages

According to Smithsonian magazine, Wikipedia includes very few pages on Native America indigenous peoples. Even when groups collaborate to produce content on indigenous artists, poets and writers, it is very difficult to get past Wikipedia’s rules on notability.

Wikipedia encouraged more content on indigenous people by holding an edit-a-thon in San Diego, CA. Previously, the foundation that runs the encyclopedia has successfully used this tactic to improve coverage of other underrepresented groups, such as women, and thinly covered topics such as life sciences or black history.

Besides content generation, key obstacles to increasing participation by Native Americans include lack of access to broadband and rules governing a topic’s notability that cause many articles to be rejected.

Unfortunately, Native American poets such as Esther Belin are still not on Wikipedia as no article has been written to cover her poetry. Her poem “Blues-ing on the Brown Vibe” commentates on the negative impacts of the mass relocation of millions of Native Americans and provides some insight into the lingering effects of being a forgotten minority. Here is an excerpt.

“And Coyote blues-ing on the urban brown funk vibe
in and out of existence
tasting the brown
rusty at times
worn bitter from relocation.”

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Wikipedia uses Objective Revision Evaluation Services (ORES) to try to filter out malicious edits. According to an Observer article, each edit is evaluated on two levels, including the likelihood that it’s a damaging edit and whether odds are that it was made in good faith. Bad Wikipedia revisions made in good faith are referred back to the community with the hope someone more experienced will help the editor understand the mistake.

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