Logan Stout Promotes Wellness And Health Through ID Life Nutrition Recommendations

Logan Stout was born and raised in Richardson, Texas. As a youngster, he developed a keen interest in sports and baseball, and that is why he served on the Student Athletic Council in high school. He ended up becoming a professional baseball player, appearing in 17 World Series events, both as a player and a coach.

Logan Stout took the success attitude to the classroom, receiving his first-degree from Panola and a second Psychology degree from the University of Dallas. He earned many awards and coached the Dallas Baptist University while at the same time serving as a player for the Fort Worth Cats baseball team.

Logan Stout community sport mentorship
Logan Stout established the Dallas Patriots, the largest baseball organization in the world. It is a center that mentors young players by coaching, building their skills and boosting their self-confidence. Training has; therefore, become accessible to many aspiring players, who now receive personalized private classes, baseball clinics, and baseball camping.

He has written a book known as The Secrets to Building Yourself, which is meant to inform and impart knowledge to youngsters on athletics and entrepreneurship, as well as other winning strategies in life. Logan is also an accomplished public speaker and uses his spirit of determination to motivate others to seek and achieve their goals. The strategies have worked in many of the teams he has coached and trained.

ID Life changing diets and promoting better nutrition
ID Life is a health and wellness company that specializes in personalized nutrition, offering vitamins that use pharmaceutical-grade nutrients. ID stands for Individual Designed. Their vitamin packs are tailored for individuals of various ages, sex, eating habits, medical conditions, and even exercise regimes. It is estimated to be handling a customer base worth $23 billion yearly.

ID Life does business through the network marketing model, where the products go directly from the manufacturer to the consumers. An agent recommends products to customers and keeps the profit margins. The ID model achieved $153.7 billion in sales in the entire globe in 2011, with the volumes rising by 5.9 % in 2012.