Trabucos And Battles Of Ancient Warfare

The trabuco is an ancient war machine of warfare. This mechanism was designed to hurl large projectiles at enemy forces or at an enemy’s fortifications. The trabuco is the Portuguese version of the trebuchet. This war machine was used during the medieval period. It went out of use when the gunpowder age came into being. The following information will explain the importance of the trabuco in ancient warfare.

According to, Chinese people invented the trebuchet thousands of years ago. They were the first to figure out how to use torsion based weapons. Chinese people used this weapon sometime around 400 B.C. This war machine reached Europe sometime around 500 A.D. Once it arrived many kings, emperors, nobles and lords used it to defend their castles and kingdoms. The French, British and Spanish Empires were fond of this weapon. Other nations such as the Portuguese were fond of apparatus as well.

This unit works by using a counter weight that hurls objects. According to Trebuchets were powerful siege weapons that could break down an opponent’s defenses. This unit was used to hurl various objects that could cause considerable damage during warfare. They were the modern-day precursor to artillery weapons that are used in modern warfare.

The Portuguese soldiers used trebuchets like most other European nations. However, since they were a seafaring people, they used these weapons in their conquest of other nations. The Ports used their weapons to indigenous people in their homelands and to fight off more advance foes such as those found on their homeland continent of Europe.

Trabucos that were used by the ports fired various types of ammunition. Some of these munitions were made of stone, Greek Fire and even dung. Some of the most interesting munitions that this machine fired was burning sand, wooden poles and dart and human heads.

The first recorded trace of biological warfare was carried out with the trebuchet. This unit was even used to hurl dead bodies or decaying matter into the enemy’s territory. Ultimately, the trabuco was a war machine that helped various empires and kingdoms to conquer foes and to defend themselves against enemies.

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