10 Years of Rocketship Public Charter School Education Program

Rocketship is a premier network of national no-profit elementary schools that particularly serve low income communities with affordable education. Rocketship was first established in 2006 with the primary goal of mitigating achievement gaps among students from various schools in the country. The school is highly focused in coming up with a sustainable and scalable school model to propel the performance advantage of all underserved communities across the country.

The main instructional model adopted by Rocketship is a teacher-led approach that is technology supported. This model is effective in especially in offering personalized learning experiences for students who come from diverse backgrounds. The model is also desirable because it emphasizes proper instructional methods while recognizing the diversity. Similarly, Rocketship actively engage parents in the teaching process thus enabling them to become responsible advocates for their children and community. By directly engaging its stakeholders Rocketship Education is able to offer favorable conditions for learners.

Rocketship has positively changed the society with their dynamic learning program. The education offered at Rocketship is however under scrutiny to make sure that learners reap most benefits.

Rocketship program has successfully been in practice for the last 10 year irrespective of various challenges. The program has proved the fact that personalized learning begins at home. As the pioneer of personalized learning, Rocketship has purposefully integrated technology to its array of learner instructions. This integration has enable this charter school to distinguish particular study need of learners and their parents. This latter dynamics have strengthened the relationship between instructors, learners and their parents.

The core focus of Rocketship is on elementary education, there is a rising need to continue the system to make sure that Rocketship graduates don’t get frustrated afterwards. Parent leadership program in this school system has fostered the drastic rise in education quality. Rocketship is multicultural and promotes diversity in their learning program. This inclusion is beneficial for learners to cultivate responsibility and empathy for diverse needs in the society. This program also cultivates sound mindset by actively involving peer-to-peer learning. Finally, Rocketship is seeking to revitalize public education by restoring the badge of quality and honor.