How Roberto Santiago Strived to Establish Manaira Shopping

A few entrepreneurs have managed to build multi-million dollar businesses from investing a few dollars. One of them is Roberto Santiago who is a 59 years old millionaire, and the owner of the renowned Manaira Shopping. He also owns many other properties in Joao Pessoa, which is his home town. Santiago kicked-off his journey of being a businessman by opening an eatery in Santa Rosa. He managed the business well, and it earned his sufficient profits. His second venture was an enterprise that used cardboard in manufacturing a variety of decorative items. Roberto’s companies generated a lot of money that he saved and later used in building Manaira Shopping. The construction of the mall was started in 1987, and it was launched in 1989.


Manaira Shopping is so far the biggest and the best shopping mall in Joao Pessoa. It provides shoppers with a broad array of commodities. The mall is estimated to be around 135,000 feet large, and it also has a parking lot that comprises of 8100 spaces. Thousands of customers and shoppers visit Manaira Shopping daily to enjoy its wide variety of amenities. The building is a home to more than 280 shopping stores, banks, and electronic amusement park, a game zone, 11 movie theaters, a food court, and a garden. The management of the mall has maintained it well for the past 28 years, and therefore, all its amenities are modern. The business center has been the city’s largest from the time it was established. Roberto has considered the rising population of Joao Pessoa by expanding its food court a couple of time so that it can accommodate many people.


The businessman established a top-notch concert hall at Manaira Shopping in 2009. The Domus Hall has two stories that have been designed for events such as weddings, conferences, exhibitions, and many other ceremonies. Its space can accommodate 4,000 seats, and it is also sufficient for 10,000 standing people. The room has been installed with modern air conditioners and sound systems that make it stand out. Most shoppers love Manaira Shopping’s food court because of the delicious cuisine that is available at its restaurant. The place’s environment is relaxing and ideal for families and friends to meet.


Santiago believes that businesses that would like to be successful need focus on offering high-quality products and services to consumers. He has managed to maintain the excellent reputation of Manaira Shopping for about three decades. Apart from his achievements as an entrepreneur, Roberto was a top sportsman during his 20s. He won a couple of trophies and medal from motocross races. His commitment to mentoring young entrepreneurs has made him be highly acknowledged by the people of Joao Pessoa.