Advice For Strengthening Online Reputations

A recent article by AdWeek lends a wide range of advice for those whose social media presence is negative. The article claims that there are a few different ways a company or business could be killing their online reputation, without any intention to do so. Social media has become a major source for consumer information and reputation. This online presence can impact a customer’s impression of a company or business, making it more and more important for that company or business to take time to create a positive online presence.

AdWeek’s first bit of advice is that the business or company’s reputation could be suffering because they are too pushy. This pushiness can be a huge turnoff when it comes to brand presence, damaging their reputation. Greater brand trust can be created by shining the spotlight on followers and focusing on sales and product promotion. Simply by taking the time to mentioning customers or sharing their content online can be an easy and great way to promote the company’s brand.

Companies also should not ignore any complaints made by users. This mistake can be costly for a business’s reputation. By taking complaints seriously, a company can receive many referrals. Many customers whose complaints were resolved are much more likely to recommend a business to someone else. If a company decides to ignore a complaint, they could lose the customer to a competitor and experience a bad online reputation.

Not monitoring online mentions is another bit of advice that AdWeek advises against. It is very crucial for a company or business to monitor their brand mentions because very close to 100 percent of people that discuss the brand online don’t actually follow the profile of the brand. Analytics tools can never be as accurate as manually monitoring brand mentions.

Lastly, the article advises against taking too long to respond to any messages sent to the company or business. Findings show that having a quick social media response can make a brand’s reputation stronger, with 71 percent of customers likely to recommend those kinds of brands to others. Waiting way too long to respond to a social media message will lower image of the brand in their minds and likely to walk away from the brand.

Social media presence has become more and more important in recent years, with customer reviews having the power to make or break a company or business. AdWeek’s article gives great advice for companies that are experiencing the change in marketing.