The Facilities that are offered by Cotermar Mexico

Cotemar Mexico is a company that is greatly depended on by Mexico’s petroleum industry to provide marine transportation services. The main premises of the enterprise are located in Campeche, Mexico. The company has focused on offering offshore maritime services, handling oil, maintenance of infrastructures that have been established in the sea, and specialized shipping. The services of Cotemar are essential to a company like Petroleos Mexicanos, which owns petroleum sites in the sea.


The enterprise hires individuals who have sufficient skills to provide the services that it offers. It also pays its employees well and ensures that their working environment is friendly. All activities of Cotemar are run according to its top-notch standards and safety regulations. The firm provides that its employees work in a favorable environment and this has significantly increased its productivity. The staff members also receive various privileges and top notch treatment. They are provided with food, lodging, laundry, and cleaning services. The management of the company is free and can be easily approached by the employees.


Cotemar has significantly grown since it started its operations in 1979. It was mainly established to provide catering and lodging service to clients who were traveling offshore. The difference between it and other enterprises that offered food and accommodation is that the company was focused on providing its services away from land. The firm has been increasing the range of solutions that it provides over the years. It has excellent values, mission, and vision.


Cotemar is currently a proud owner of a fleet of uniquely designed vessels that are used in the shipping of liquid and solid commodities. It also has a boat that can process oil. The primary use of the company’s vessels is to link petroleum businesses with their infrastructures that are located away from land. Cotemar has been a leader in the provision of maritime transportation in Mexico since it was established in 1976. The enterprise grew over the years, and it owned a vessel that was similar to a whole hotel by 1985. The facility offed all the essential amenities that one would need in a hotel. It then decided to venture into specialized shipping and acquired its first customized boats in the 1990s. It presently owns more than 40 vessels that have offered jobs to 8000 workers. The employees are given accommodation in small cabins that are on the boats. The vessels also have food courts and recreational facilities.