How to Protect Digital Intellectual Property.

Kamail Idris was a member of the United Nations International Law Commission and brought this experience to World Intellectual Property Organization. The World Intellectual Property Organization is the international leader on Intellectual Property. This means they have an understanding of different kinds of Intellectual Property and how the average person can protect their own Intellectual Property. Watermarking put information into a digital work just like paper can carry a watermark. A digital watermark can help track down the creators of the work. The creators of Intellectual Property can receive compensation for their labor achievements. This is why Intellectual Property is so important. It protects the worker as well as their works. For example or a non art work: pharmaceutical companies in many developed countries complain that the drugs they developed after years of hard work and large capital investment may eventually be copied by third-world pharmaceutical companies, making these original pharmaceutical companies lose work and growth. Intellectual Property protects such work. Kamil Idris on multiple platforms says the existence of intellectual property can protect the interests of creators. After a while they can charge users.

In the long run there also a public benefit. Kamil Idris has reported that although the public cannot enjoy cheaper products in the short term, it can inspire more investment in original innovation and lead to more, better and cheaper products in the future. In recent years, many people have begun to believe that with the over-expansion of intellectual property protection. They think it has become too useful for the creator and hurts the consumer. Among the people who worry about intellectual property rights have already violated the public interest, such as the free software movement, which depends on theft and ignoring Intellectual Property regulations and protections. It needs to be followed more closely over the next few years to see if this idea of the internet and Intellectual Property is true.

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