Important Things about Education – What Smith Learned from Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was founded as a public charter school in 2007. California resident and early childhood educator Preston Smith sought to bring quality instruction to low-income areas that often didn’t have good teachers or educational systems.

John Danner helped bring personalized education to every student on a daily basis. He created programs and lined them up with devices students of all ages can use. Students spend most of their time in lectures, supplemented by no more than an hour of individualized lesson plans taken through technological devices.

RSED has eighteen location across the United States, all of which are in disadvantaged areas. The network of schools recently hit its tenth anniversary. Founder and current President Preston Smith has made public several aspects of schooling that every educator should take advantage of.

Solicit opinions from non-educators

Community members and parents often provide quality insights to the current state of nearby schools. Teachers and administrators need to keep their ears open to interested parties outside of those currently involved with Rocketship Education.

Convey pride of public schooling to students

For too long, public schooling has been associated with inferiority to private schools. While many parents and teachers recognize this, they shouldn’t hand down that image of public school to young people. Make students happy about their current enrollment, rather than sharing anything other than positive sentiments into communications with children.

Keep special students in regular classrooms

Lots of schools keep their students with special needs in classrooms outside of traditional settings. With Rocketship Education’s meaningful inclusion model, in-need students spent about 80 percent of each day at school in traditional classroom settings. Keeping students separate from one another, regardless of intellectual disability, doesn’t help anybody involved.

Teachers are selected to meet backgrounds of students

Low-income students have more behavioral and learning problems than those of more favorable demographical backgrounds. They perform better when the cultural background of teachers match students’. Other schools try to haul in students from various backgrounds instead of matching their teachers to existing bases of students, although this isn’t as helpful as Rocketship Education’s preferred method.