Milan Kordestani is Young, Accomplished and Challenging The Future Of Agriculture

The CEO and founder of Milan Farms, Milan Kordestani, is an accomplished equestrian, writer and currently just a college student. He started his passion of riding horses at just 10 years old and went on to start Milan Farms as a sophomore in high school. He graduated from high school in 2017. He is also a journalist for the Huffington Post. He currently attends college in the San Fransisco Bay Region of California.

A Natural

Milan Kordestani is known for competing in the Worlds Championship and winning the first leg of the triple crown in 2015. While he’s made a name for himself as an equestrian, that didn’t stop him from success in other areas of his young life.


Milan Kordestani writes for the Huffington Post in the areas of agriculture, mental health and politics. This is a great feat for a college student.

Milan Farms

Being at founder and CEO of a farming business is no easy job, but Milan Kordestani did it in high school. His one farm turned into three quickly. His Farms produce eggs, saffron, mint and raise poultry. He is dedicated to respecting traditions and introducing new techniques into raising the saffron he produces for the world. He also donates money from his egg sales to help save the world’s forests. Kordestani works hard to keep his processes and farms transparent to the consumer, so they know what they are buying and how it is grown. His farms work to grow herbs hydroponically, they test aquaponic systems and use drip irrigation practices. He is always trying to finetune the organic process.

Milan Kordestani is accomplished as an equestrian, journalist and CEO. His work in agriculture is something to watch, for others who want to grow items organically and consumers who like transparency in what they purchase.