OSI Group — Acquisitions and Improvements

OSI Food Solutions is making big news inside the food manufacturing industry. They’re one of the leading organizations of manufacturing red meat, fowl, and pork. Their robust presence across Europe and the usa make them a main producer around the world. They’ve made the purchase of Flagship Europe of the Flagship Europe meals group in Denver, Colorado. This is part of an ongoing growth inside OSI food solutions. They’re expanding their operations to offer extra alternatives for their customers and boom their presence in international locations like america, Spain, and the Netherlands. Their purchaser base is varied and calls for for an extensive list of merchandise. This has accelerated over the previous couple of years.

OSI Food solutions is a privately held enterprise. As such, the details of the acquisition have not been disclosed to other parties. Flagship Europe is a first-rate supplier of frozen meat merchandise. Their lineup includes poultry, sous, and pies. Additionally they provide mayonnaise, sauce, and salad dressing inside the uk marketplace. They’re additionally recognized for their recent innovations in sandwich fillings, sauces, and dips. The quick meals sector of the market is primarily made up of developing households and specialists. The want for brief and smooth food options has exploded in current years because of an increasingly fast paced way of life. Via catering to a base of clients looking for toppings, fillings, and easy food OSI will enhance their popularity as a meals production enterprise. They will absolutely capitalize on the opportunity they were offered with.

The owners of Flagship Europe were excited about the new partnership with OSI food solutions. The CEO of Flagship, Russell Maddock, called it a thrilling and innovative improvement. We have seen the upgrades in performance and production that OSI has brought to the corporations they have purchased. They routinely look into and improve manufacturing facilities to comply with environmental standards. The upgrades usually entail investments into growing manufacturing and decreasing overhead. To know more about the firm click here.

The wider presence in Europe delivered upon the acquisition of Flagship Europe and offers OSI a wonderful competitive advantage over different businesses. They are able to effortlessly deliver their retail, carrier industry, and personal customers with all the food merchandise they require. This kind of performance and determination to give exceptional service is what separates OSI from other companies within the food carrier business. We are excited to look at what comes next for this great corporation and count on nothing less than greatness for the future expansions.

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