Wes Edens, billionaire, philanthropist and NBA team owner, successful finance career.

Wesley Robert Edens, alias Wes Edens is a financialist who has experienced massive success in his career including being a billionaire at a tender age. The genesis of his career was at California Savings and Loan before moving to Lehman Brothers in 1987, where he served as managing director and partner until he moved on in 1993 to join Blackrock. Here he was named partner besides serving as the Director of its child company, Blackrock Financial Management. Peers of Wes Edens describe him as a motivated professional who was goal oriented and had a soft spot for sports and outdoor activities. It, therefore, was no surprise that he would later purchase a basketball team, Milwaukee Bucks that plays in the NBA league. Wes Edens would later leave Blackrock for UBS, where he served as an executive managing director. Edens had gained enough experience working in high profile institutions, and he would partner with Robert Kauffman and Randal Nardone to establish Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group is the company that Wes Edens is best credited for its success. Fortress Investment is a leading international investment manager with assets to the tune of $40 billion under their portfolios. The company is credited for coming up with creative ways to turn bad debts, risk and non-performing assets, into profitable investment portfolios. Under his leadership and his partners, they would list the company at the NYSE, making Fortress the first private equity company to go public. Consequently, he would become billionaires in the company’s IPO. According to Forbes magazine, Wes is ranked #962 in the list of the wealthiest people on the planet, with a net worth of $1.2 billion. Under the excellent leadership of Wes Edens and his equally able partners, Fortress would thrive and receive international accolades, resulting to its purchase by a Japanese firm, Softbank in the year 2017, a move that Wes praises saying that it was mutually beneficial. Today Fortress operates independently under Softbank and he continues to serve as the chairman of the board and staff administrative manager.

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Robert Edens is involved in philanthropic initiatives and he mostly donates money towards health, art, and educational causes. He is fully committed to several charities including, Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, Cardiac Wellness & Rehabilitation Centre, the Quincy Jones Listen up Foundation and many more noble foundations. He is also an avid outdoor lover and has climbed a number of mountains among them Pingora Peak in Wyoming and Matterhorn in Switzerland.



Randal Nardone is an entrepreneur and a visionary leader known mostly for his efforts in the business world. He is currently listed as the five hundred and fifty-seventh richest person in the world by Forbes magazine. He was a student at the school of law at Boston University. After graduating with Doctor of Jurisprudence, Randal Nardone settled for a career at Thacher Proffitt and Wood law firm. During his stint there he was a partner and part of the executive committee. Nardone also holds a degree in English and Biology both from the University of Connecticut. Feeling that he had insights in the business world, he specialized in that area. Randal Nardone had a stint at BlackRock Financial as a principal.

Later, Randal Nardone took up a post at UBS as managing director. This was between May 1997 and May 1998. In 1998, together with Wesley Edens and Rob Kauffman, they co-founded Fortress Investment Group. The group had previously worked together in previous companies, BlackRock and UBS.Since the conception of Fortress Investment Group, Randal had been serving as a member of the management committee from 1998. Fortress Investment Group grew rapidly, and in 2007 it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange becoming the biggest private company to be traded publicly at the time. This proved that Randal Nardone and his partners had been executing their business plan well. In November 2006, Mr. Nardone became a member of the board of directors.

As of March 31, 2018, Fortress Investment Group was boasting of 40.9 billion in assets. At the moment Randal has been the acting CEO since December 2011 of Fortress Investment Group, providing expertise in structured finance and legal framework matters. Employees have known Randal as a man who gives opportunities to those who deserve it. Randal acts as a mentor and an example to those that work in the company. On acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by Softbank, Randal thought it was a good move. He said that this would enable an environment that would result in investments with returns. Softbank’s purchase of the Fortress Investment was influenced by proper management, leadership and a decent track record of the firm. Mr. Nardone also noted that the acquisition would increase the firm’s credit in public markets.He is also a director in a good number of firms, including Eurocastle investment, Springleaf Finance Inc, Brookdale Senior Living Inc and others.

A Financial Partner in Dallas, Texas

Texas Bankers Association 5th annual Strategic Opportunities Conference was held on November 7th, 2016, in New Orleans, Louisiana. This conference brings together bank leaders, advisers, and consultants where they share their perspectives and opinions on the available opportunities and challenges facing leaders of the community bank.

During this conference, sitting in the panelists was John Holt, the Chief Executive, and the President of Next Bank Capital, Inc. They were discussing the topic; “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.” The Panelists and participants had the opportunity to exchange their different views on the strategic opportunities through M&A activity and organic growth and branching. It was an honor to for the Next Bank Capital to have their CEO on the panel.

Next Bank Capital, Inc is a financial service company, with its headquarters in Dallas, and three other branches which are; Next Bank SSB, Preston Centre Branch, and Mc Kinney Branch. It was established in the year 1936, and over the years, the bank has experienced tremendous growth, making it one of the best performing banks in Texas; currently it is the 14th largest bank in the state of Texas, and 215th largest bank in the whole world.

Next Bank Capital Inc specializes in a range of products and services, which include; commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services mainly to institutional customers and financial institutions, as well as large corporations, real estate investors, and middle-market companies. The top management of the bank is composed of individuals who are highly experienced, and who solely focus on serving their clients, to deliver the best financial services to all their customers. As at 31 December 2016, Next Bank Capital Inc asset base was 4.6 billion, and the bank is a member of FDIC, with 88 employees across all the branches. Reaching this far is a result of the cooperation, hard work, and dedication of the management and their motivated employees.