The Acedemy of Art University Offers Much For Current And Past Students

Each year, The Academy of Art University its showcase for spring and fall 2018 collections. Ten BFA and MFA graduates show the world what that had to offer in fashion design.

Among them were the likes of Hailn Zhou from Oing Dao, China, who displayed outerwear and dresses made of vinyl and PVC. Eden Slezin from the Bay Area introduced organic denim and recycled rubber bike tubes to the fashion eye. Still others brought inspirations from ancestry, the art of Japanese wrestling and the function of light to the fashion floor. All of this made for an amazing night of fashion and talent that is an offspring of the university.

Based in San Francisco since 1929, The Academy of Art University is the higher-learning choice of approximately 12,600 students. It employs nearly 300 full time teachers and over 1100 part time teachers. This supports is claim to be the largest privately owned art and design school that is located in the United States.

The university offers a variety of learning opportunities and several departments including acting, graphic design. Photography, music production and sound design for visual media, and writing for film and television just to name a few. Classes are offered on campus as well as online. Associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees are given in approximately twenty-five subjects. Also offered is the Pre-College Art Experience, which offers free classes to high school students in order to assist them in making that all-important decision concerning their future.

The success of the institution’s alumni speaks for itself. School of Photography alumni, Deanne Fitmaurice won a Pulitzer Prize in 2005 exploring war torn children in Iraq. Alumni Tom Luedecke led his team to design Koby Bryant’s line of shoes for Nike. Diego Galtieri, a 2003 graduate of the School of Animation and Visual Effects, won an Emmy Award for his work on the NBC hit show, “Heroes.” Recently, alumni Paxton Maddison co-created the “Haines Tuxedo” for The North Face. Other notable alumni include Academy Award winner, Rick Baker, film directors, Rudy Soedjarwo and Vicky Jenson, and actress Raven-Symone.

Fabletics: Thinking about Members

Not a lot of fashion companies use subscription mechanics to sell directly to customers. Since the birth of e-commerce possibilities, nearly every business uses a website or app to sell directly to customers. Using a subscription mechanic seems like it would limit the number of customers that would buy from them.

As weird as it seems, that’s exactly what Fabletics uses. So far, that system doesn’t seem to be failing. In fact, Fabletics is one of the most popular activewear brands in the world. The company’s grown over 200 percent in the last four years. Last year, their sales increased 43 percent.

Fabletics has something that no other brand has: Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson co-founded Fabletics after some TechStyle executives approached her with just a general concept. Kate had been thinking about starting a fashion line for years. When the opportunity appeared, she knew exactly what she wanted to do with it.

Under her leadership, Fabletics is more than a fashion brand. Activewear is the cross between workout clothes and casual wear. Kate uses the blurred line created by activewear to inspire women to start down a path to health and fitness. She also made her brand affordable so that all women can get in on the inspiration.

For Fabletics, activewear is leading them to a path to success. Last year, activewear generated over $40 billion in the U.S. alone. According to a lot of sources, that number is predicted to double by 2020. Fabletics’ use of a personalized service allows them to get ahead of the competition by interacting with their members on a preference level. They create products their members are more likely to purchase.

Millennials also created a new consumer behavior that’s taking over the economy. Millennials live increasingly digital lives, which means most of their transactions occur online. Initially, this allowed certain companies oversell crappy products. This destroyed the trust that’s existed between companies and customers for decades.

These days, people use online reviews to determine final purchases. Often referred to as the power of the crowd, crowdsourcing is swiping over the web. Now, people research companies and products before spending a single penny. Companies with positive reviews get more business.

Fabletics is one those savvy brands capitalizing on this trend. By embracing online reviews, Fabletics’ marketing strategies create the positive reviews people rely on when researching. The best part: people trust online reviews as though they’re personal recommendations.

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Lime Crime: Gorgeous Colors For The Face And Now The Hair

Ever since Lime Crime makeup launched in 2008, it has created a huge buzz and many followers from around the globe. The bold, crazy colored makeup has become a cult favorite, and now Unicorn Hair has arrived.


It’s an exciting moment, especially for Lime Crime CEO and founder Doe Deere. The fashionable businesswoman enjoys candy-colored tresses and has spent the last three years with her chemist developing the unique rainbow-hued hair dyes.


Unicorn Hair lets you try out the trendy pops of color that remain a hot hair accessory this season. In shades like orange, green, blue, grey, pink, red and others, the formula is gentle to hair in any condition or type and offers either Full Coverage or Tint. According to Doe Deere, the tints can last for 8-10 washes while the full coverage formulas last 10-12 washes. Each generous size bottle holds 7 ounces of dye and costs $16.


The dye is also vegan, cruelty-free and created from a vegetable dye. It’s safe, easy to apply, and the results are vivid gems of color that shine on and on. When the color gradually fades, it’s subtle and never harsh to strands.


When it comes to your hair, makeup and fashion style, Doe Deere believes that all harmonize wonderfully together. That is why she was intent on creating her fab new Unicorn Hair. She likes playing with vivid color from head to toe and was “dye-ing” to introduce her fans to the sexy hair color, do-it-yourself at home process.


The brand holds a major presence on social media, and fans enjoying checking out all the new products the brand keeps churning out. The beauty company is edgy and modern and anything but traditional. There are no rules when it comes to makeup and hair by Lime Crime, and that’s part of the brand’s mission, to let you define your own standard of what is beautiful.


You can check out the brand’s Instagram to see how fans create gorgeous images in the makeup and Unicorn Hair dye. The selfies are inspiring, and 2.9 million followers seem to agree.

Fantasy to Reality: Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye

In a society obsessed with the fantastical, Lime Crime is providing a fresh new way to bring fantasy to reality; unicorn hair dye. This bold and fun hair color is just the latest in the colorful collection of Lime Crime Makeup.

This company was founded by Doe Deere and is based on her love of colors and her own personal values, which is what makes them an original in the midst of other beauty brands. Their promise to be animal-cruelty free and to use vegan friendly formulas for their products reflects the passions and values held by the company’s founder and CEO. This promise extends to the entire make up line, including their all new, highly anticipated unicorn hair dye.

This hair dye is the latest in their line of bright and bold offerings. Lime Crime provides this semi-permanent dye in 13 vibrant shades ranging from a beautiful bright pink, “bunny”, to a dark sea foam green, “dirty mermaid”, with so many other colors in between. Two options of this dye are available based on your hair and preference; full coverage and tint. The full coverage option is more saturated and will provide you with a brighter and bolder color, whereas the tint is a little more sheer and will lean towards a more pastel color. It’s recommended that either option is used on blonde or light hair for best results.

Coloring your hair can turn into an expensive process, but the vegan friendly makeup line has provided a way to stay on trend and have fun with your hair color without breaking the bank. These affordable jars run at just $16, and the color can last up to six weeks with proper hair care.

These brilliant colors give you a way to express your own bright and bold personality. If you’re looking to bring a little bit of fantasy into your everyday style, unicorn hair dye provides an option to do just that.

Fabletics and Its Marketing Strategies

Fabletics is a sportswear line that focuses on women. It was launched by Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg in 2013. The enterprise has seen a huge success since it was founded. More women are embracing it. Fabletics currently offer swimsuits and dresses to their customers alongside sportswear and accessories. Fabletics has managed to acquire a lot of exposure because of the advertising tactics that it uses. Fabletics has improved revenue by 35 percent according to an article posted by Forbes. Fabletics uses pop-up stores in a way to increase the company’s membership base.


Fabletics uses many advertising methods including the use of footage shot by Kate Hudson with the help of her phone and focusing on Lululemon who are their competitors. The main aim of Fabletics is to provide their customers with high-quality sportswear and trendy outfits. They also aim to help their clients in looking stylish as they work out. There is an option to become a permanent member of Fabletics whereby customers can sign up through the company’s website. Customers fill a short survey about their preferences of fashion, lifestyle, and working out. A Fabletic’s stylist selects outfits for each member at the start of every month based on their individual preferences.


An article published by Forbes confirms that Fabletics is now giving Amazon a run for their money when it comes to e-commerce fashion market. Amazon currently controls 20% of the online fashion market. This may change in future according to Forbes. Fabletics has managed to grow its revenue to approximately $250 million in a span of 3 years. It hopes to double this figure in future. Part of the success of Fabletics can be attributed to the subscription mechanism that the company uses. Customers regularly go for aspirational brands. Fabletics has considered this fact and has managed to win over their clients.


The reverse showrooming is another marketing strategy that Fabletics has been able to use. Customers tend to look for products online and purchase them online. Fabletics has reversed this trend and is currently succeeding in it. High-value brands were traditionally defined by the product’s price and value. High-value brands are currently defined by factors such as brand recognition, last-mile service, gamification elements, and customer experience. Fabletics has physical stores located in Hawaii, California, Florida, and Illinois. Fabletic’s secret to winning customers is understanding them, their taste and preferences, and delivering on that.

If You Do The Lime Crime, You’ll Do The Unicorn Time

Immensely popular and wonderfully unique, Lime Crime has been instrumental in bringing beauty enthusiasts the best of cruelty free makeup that is both bold and beautiful.


Daring as much as she is lovely, Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, has dedicated years to being the champion self-expression through her completely vegan-safe line of lip stains and eye shadows. From metallic lip stains that shine to lip stains that sparkle like diamonds, from exotic eye shadows, to eye shadows that are bold, yet natural. Doe Deere created a line of products that are long lasting, and encourages her customers to take risks and express who they feel on the inside.


Exciting news for Lime Crime fans, Doe Deere has done it again with a new line of unicorn hair colors that are amazingly vibrant, wild and fun. These colors are completely ammonia, peroxide and bleach free which means this product will not damage your hair. Lime Crime’s standards have been making sure their products are cruelty free/vegan safe, and that has not changed with their hair colors. Every ingredient has been painstakingly examined and then approved as vegan-safe.


What makes this color even more amazing, you do not need to have blonde or bleached hair to enjoy the color. There are colors that will show beautifully on dark, unbleached hair such as their Chocolate Cherry and Blue Smoke colors. Lime Crime has 13 delectable colors to choose from, at the reasonable price of $16.00. Choose one color, or grab a few for a true Unicorn style. On Lime Crime’s website, there are video tutorials on how to use the colors and create rainbow waves or colorful stripes.


Experiment, be bold, be creative, be uniquely you. Lime Crime gives you everything you need to bring your imagination to life, and you can feel confident that you are supporting a company that believes in cruelty free, vegan products. Lip stains, eye shadows, and now unicorn hair… do you dare?


Lime Crime, the one crime that is still worth committing.


For more information, visit the websites linked below, be sure to order while supplies last!