The Long-awaited Release of Lime Crime’s Venus 3 Eyeshadow Palette

Expecting fans of Lime Crime Cosmetics hoped that Doe Deere, CEO and Founder of the cosmetics company, would be releasing a new product on April 24, in the form of another eyeshadow palette. Loyal customers of Lime Crime Cosmetics intuitively knew that when they saw the picture posted on Instagram depicting an open, empty palette case suspended in midair beneath a shining sun and clouds that the new product had to be a fourth Venus eyeshadow palette.

The Lime Crime customers were barely able to contain their frenzied anticipation as they waited for the release date to arrive. They speculated the newcomer product was the follow-up to the Venus series eyeshadow palettes: Venus, Venus II, and Venus XL. The three previously released palettes have already been hugely successful with long-lasting, vivid pigments and smooth, easy-to-apply textures. The Venus palettes have a huge following because they are beautiful and unique as the colors are heavily inspired by Botticelli’s classic painting, “Venus Rising”, crossed with the colors of Grunge fashion of the 90s.

As the Lime Crime cosmetics fans hoped, the fourth Venus palette, Venus 3, release was on April 24. The new palette is brilliantly packaged like the previous three Venus sister palettes with Lime Crime’s version of “Venus Rising” on the front. The palette colors are a mixture of purples, roses, mauves, and browns. Called the “nu-grunge” look by the Lime Crime website, this new palette is complete with metallics and mattes in their trademarked silky, easy-to-apply texture. Venus 3 is a lovely addition to the Lime Crime Venus series.