OSI Group’s Unmatched Growth in the Food Processing Market

OSI Group is a food processing company. It mainly focuses on protein items sold around the globe. It produces fish, vegetables, bacon, poultry, dough products, pork, pizza and hot dogs. Its presence is felt in 65 facilities, which are located in 17 countries. It has its headquarters in located in Aurora, North Illinois. David McDonald is the president of the company while the Chief Executive Officer is Sheldon Lavin. OSI Group conducts business in many states including, West Jordan, Riverside, and California. It also operates in West Chicago, Illinois, Oakland, Chicago, Geneva, Iowa, Utah, Fort Atkinson, and Wisconsin.

OSI Group also operates in India. It opened a plant named Madanapalle to process frozen vegetables. The facility was strategically put up near farms, airports, and cities. It is, therefore, able to serve a considerable number of customers. OSI Group also has its operations in Eastern Europe. It built a plant in Poland in 2012 and expanded a chicken processing plant in Hungary. It has also partnered with Gen OSI in the Philippines where it opened a new processing plant in 2017. The plant has a capacity of producing 51 million pounds per year. It supplies beef, chicken, and fish to foodservice companies and eateries. OSI works round the clock to meet changing needs of consumers. Consumers are aware of the need for natural food and healthy products.

In 2016 a Dutch Manufacturer of convenience foods called Baho food was acquired by OSI Group. The products and services offered by Baho foods have been an added advantage for OSI Group because it has five subsidiaries such as Convenience, Q smart Life, and Bakx foods. Other of its subsidiaries include Henri van de Bilt, Vital, and Gelderland Frischwaren. Baho has processing plants in Netherlands and Germany. It also operates in 18 countries in Europe. It also acquired Flagship Europe, which is a supplier of poultry, dips, and sauce to British dining establishments.

OSI Group acquired Tyson Foods in 2016. Tyson Foods was looking to shut down due to cost when OSI came to its rescue. The company had provided more than 500 jobs; hence, its closure would have affected many people. The acquisition benefited OSI Group’s production results. OSI Group is always looking for expansion opportunities both locally and internationally. It has managed to stay at the top of the industry through excellent marketing and accurate product development. Sheldon Lavin has been instrumental in the growth of OSI Group. He was in the finance and banking sector before venturing into the food business.

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The Future Includes Growth for OSI Group and Its Subsidiaries

OSI Group is already one of the biggest and most well known food service and production companies in the world. They boast large clients and quality facilities all around the world. But now, the company is continuing upward trend of growth even more.

Just recently, OSI bought some European companies and added it to their subsidiaries. This includes the giant Baho Foods, a Dutch company with German locations that services 17 European countries already. This, in addition to a focus on expanding into Spain should spell healthy profits and revenue for the company.

In addition to this, they bought out Flagship Europe, a company that produces pies, poultry, and various condiments for that market. But their growth isn’t limited to international opportunities. The firm also bought a failing Tyson factory in their home state of Illinois. The Chicago plant shutting down would have meant that about 500 hard working people would lose their jobs. Thanks to OSI’s $7.4 million purchase, it will continue to operate.

When asked what was responsible for their growth, the President David McDonald said it was their precise marketing plans and execution of the strategy. Specifically, they always aim to reach out to local communities in all of their locations to find out what they want so they can offer it. From organic, to natural, to cheap preferences, every community will respond to different things and OSI has excelled in meeting expectations.

One of the other unique things about the company is how standardized their production line is. They do this to ensure the quality and safety of their food products. For example, they have xrays fitted onto many factory lines to catch any outside objects before the food reaches stores and consumers.

The company has won numerous awards for their high quality and safety procedures in their factories around the world. And with 20,000 employees at over 65 locations in 17 countries, it’s very important that their standards are so high. It’s why they have brought unique food product solutions to companies like Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and Subway for a long time.

OSI was founded in 1909 in the town of Aurora, Illinois. It offers various food production services and distributes as well as sources the food. Their offerings include pizza, meat patties, bacon, veggies, dough, and more. The CEO is Sheldon Lavin and has lead many great initiatives within the company. For example,they are active in the community with Ronald McDonald House and Feeding America.

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Getting To Know Logan Stout

Many people have come to know Logan Stout as a result of the tremendous success he has had especially in the entrepreneurship industry. Stout is the CEO of IDLife. He has a distinct passion for baseball. He has always enjoyed encouraging people and as such, becoming a minister and a coach came naturally. All his life, Logan has come to appreciate the need to nurture the body, spirit as well as the mind. He wanted to help people better their health. IDLife resulted after Mr. Logan Stout met with an individual who explained to him the importance of a vitamin program he had come up with. He also understands the need for proper nutrition since he was an athlete.

Logan Stout has expressed his love for baseball by developing one of the largest baseball organization known as Dallas Patriots. The primary reason for the foundation of this organization was to encourage the young people to improve their skills. The training is open to all and more so those children who lack encouragement from homes as well as at school. He also created the Premier Baseball Academy where he mentors young people who range from 6 years to 18years, with the intention of making them champions in athletics. Logan Stout has partnered with various companies in the world of fitness such as Garmin. This organization is dedicated to offering individuals with options to improve their health now, and for the days to come.

Besides entrepreneurship and being actively involved in sports, Logan Stout is a motivational speaker. He has spoken at various gatherings, giving his listeners insights on ways of breaking the obstacles that stand in the path of achieving maximum success. Logan is also an author of a book known as Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams. In this book, he outlines various strategies that have amounted to his success. Logan Stout believes that success can be achieved by those individuals who are dedicated and have a strong desire to making it, for anything perceived by a person’s mind is achievable. Logan Stout is a family man who appreciates spending time with his family.

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Helping People Stay Healthy – Nathaniel Ru’s “Sweetgreen”

With business getting formed every day, one might have trouble keeping up with all that the market has to offer. People’s creativity and knowledge enable them to develop their sole-proprietorships and partnerships that operate within their area of expertise.

An example of a notable success of this kind is Nathanial Ru’s “Sweetgreen” restaurant. Ru partnered with a few of his college friends after graduating from college to help turn an idea into reality.

Humble Beginnings

Founded in 2007, Sweetgreen was an idea for healthy-eating by a few students from the Georgetown University in Washington. The salad food-chain has grown to have over 70 location and 1700 employees, but their beginnings were nowhere near as successful. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: https://twitter.com/nathanielru and https://angel.co/nathaniel-ru

After experiencing many struggles to rent the business space from Ru’s landlord at that time, this businessman and his friend somehow ensured their restaurant had a starting location. The next problem was the lack of customers. As the food place was not positioned where a lot of the crowd can be attracted, they had almost no people in the first two weeks.

The Creativity

Nathanial Ru and his friends have grown this endeavor to such an extent because of their limitless innovation. When the period of no-customers was going on, they decided to put music into their business. By placing speakers outside of their location, they were able to attract a lot more people.

Currently, this simple effort has evolved into the “region’s largest music and food festival” with over 20,000 people annually. To help facilitate customer’s health with more than just healthy salads, the restaurants have offered yoga classes and partnered with some gyms.


Customers can pay via an app that the restaurant offers, they can park while the restaurant pays for their parking, and some of their purchases will go to schools that the company donates to. These are just some of the instances in which the company differentiates themselves.

About Nathaniel Ru

Ru graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance in 2007. His expertise enabled him to thrive as one of the main leaders for Sweetgreen ‘s expansion. His vision is focused on sustainability and giving back.

Thus, the restaurants of his brand are all working with local suppliers. According to Ru, the main reason behind the growth is sheer discipline. Future of the brand is turning to more technology-implementation while remaining a healthy food chain that people rely on.

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