Creating a Community with ClassDojo

Parents and teachers all over the country have been struggling to find a way to create a positive learning environment both inside and outside the classroom. Many outside observers view parents as uninvolved or teachers as uncaring. The reality is, both parents and teachers juggle so many different responsibilities that finding time to meet and collaborate together is nearly impossible. ClassDojo is making it easier for parents, teachers and students to work together with success in mind.

What is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is an award-winning app that offers educators, parents, students and administrators the ability to be actively involved in each student’s school day. Parents can watch videos and see pictures posted by their child’s teacher, as well as follow their progress on a day to day basis. Teachers are able to communicate directly with parents through the app, which allows them to work together to be proactive.

What Tools Does ClassDojo Use?

In addition to opening up communications with parents, ClassDojo has several video series designed to help teach students important life lessons. For example, their series about empathy encourages students to practice kindness and understanding. Parents are also encouraged to watch the videos. Opening up these types of conversations between parents, students and teachers creates a strong sense of community and belonging. This is especially important as the country seems more divided now than ever before.

Additionally, teachers and parents can use the app to provide encouragement to an individual student; positive reinforcement such as “Good Job!” or “You are great!” can increase motivation and self-esteem far better than a failing grade can!

Where to Get ClassDoJo

For more information about ClassDojo and what features it offers, please visit the website here. Creating a close community of parents, teachers and students has never been more fun.