End Citizens United Throws its Influential Support Behind Political Candidates

The clock is ticking as the 2018 midterm election season approaches and End Citizens United is ready to take action.

This November’s election is drawing much attention as government leaders and American citizens grow increasingly unhappy with current political leaders. Many political experts believe that this midterm election has the possibility to drastically change the landscape of the country. Political Action Committee (PAC) End Citizens United is already working hard to support candidates with a proven history of rejecting big-donor money and for supporting measures that will stop illegal campaign finance activities. Formed in 2015 in an effort to combat the landmark Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission (FEC), End Citizens United is committed to overturning that Supreme Court decision while pushing its platform of campaign finance reform.

The PAC has already released a list of officially endorsed candidates. Many of these candidates are in the hunt to upset Republican incumbents, leading to high stakes in the political arena. A few of the candidates that End Citizens United has put their support behind include:

BETO O’ROURKE: Representing Texas’ 16 Congressional District, Beto O’Rourke has proven himself as a loyal supporter of campaign finance reform as one of just six House representative to turn away PAC contributions over his six years in office. O’Rourke has an uphill battle this November, going up against incumbent Senator Ted Cruz.

Randy Bryce Although still a tough road to hoe, the path to a spot as Representative of Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District was made a little easier for Randy Bryce when the longtime representative, Paul Ryan, announced that he was retiring so that he can spend more time with his young family. Bryce’s campaign is off to a good start, with campaign contributions that outpaced Ryan’s during the first three months of 2018.

JACKY ROSEN: Like O’Rourke, Rosen is looking to upset a venerable United States Senator. As the current representative for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, Rosen has extensive experience in high-level politics. Rosen is now setting her sights even higher, looking to upset incumbent Senator Dean Heller, a politician with an extensive and disturbing history of being influenced by various special interest groups.

There are just a few of the candidates that End Citizens United is recommending that its supporters get behind as the nation closes in on what could be a monumental and momentum-shifting election.

About End Citizens United: www.indeed.com/q-End-Citizens-United-jobs.html

End Citizens United Looks At 2018 For An Opportunity To Support Campaign Finance Reform.

End Citizens United is attempting to change the political landscape in a way that is sure to send shockwaves through the establishment swamp of the United States government. End Citizens United is a grassroots political action committee that was created in response to the 2010 Supreme Court ruling relating to the conservative propaganda group, Citizens United. In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled over the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and in doing so, the SCOTUS fundamentally changed the future of the United States forever. The Supreme Court would rule in favor of Supreme Court and, in doing so, undo what few strings of regulation existed between dark money lobbyists and Washington politicians. The United States has not been the same since the 2010 ruling and End Citizens United is trying to change it back, bringing power to the American voter once again.

End Citizens United is led by president Tiffany Muller. Muller has been presiding over End Citizens United since they first opened their doors in 2015. Her tireless work has been geared towards accomplishing two primary tasks: getting more American voters connected to legislators that vow to support them while also trying to engineer a legislative change in the highest courts of the country. Muller’s goal is to use End Citizens United as a grassroots network in order to put pressure on the government to overturn the Supreme Court decision. However, in order for the Supreme Court decision to be overturned, there have to be legislators in office that are willing to give up dark money for the sake of the American people.

A closer look at the Citizens United decision revealed profound changes to the way that the United States government operates. Over the course of a single case and a few strokes of their pen, all of the ‘old rules’ of campaign financing were essentially gone. Donors would have almost unchecked ability to influence legislators and, in doing so, would be able to write the rules, so to speak. Examples of this political rotting were clearly taken advantage of by the modern Republican party as the Walton and Koch families immediately began to funnel untold amounts of money into the government in order to sway legislation in support of their own personal businesses. These are just the most high profile examples of corporate rot and political greed in Washington. End Citizens United is looking ahead to the 2018 Midterm Elections as an opportunity to get voters out in order to try and change things for the better.

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End Citizens United Embraces Progressive Candidates

The November elections are going to change the way our political system works for some time to come. People are tired of the way the current system favors corporations and they want politicians willing to serve their interests. This is why End Citizens United was formed and it’s the reason the PAC has gained so much traction. People like what they have to offer and these progressives are shaping the path towards something much greater. It’s no surprise so many people are interested in what End Citizens United wants to do. It matches the zeitgeist of the current day.

The success of End Citizens United is going to show people that big money is not wanted. Since the Citizens United Supreme Court decision we’ve seen a rise in the amount of corporate spending out there and everything that it represents. This has led to incumbents that represent the will of special interests rather the the public. In order to keep this from going on there is a need to adjust how we think about our politics and how we approach it. It’s time to get rid of the big money influenced leaders and produce a new wave in their wake.

The PAC is currently focused on the Big Money 20. This is a group of politicians who have used big money to get elected and ignore what their voters want. They are the most vulnerable to an electoral challenge because they happen to be situated in areas with a strong progressive influence. If enough funding and support is given to challengers, it shouldn’t be too hard to have them come out on top. That’s what the PAC is trying to do with it’s current approach. They want to make sure we get what we are looking for in our candidates.

Whether or not End Citizens United succeeds will largely depend on how people decide to vote. If people take their message to heart, it might just be the case that we see a new wave of politicians spring up. It takes hard work to get things to work the way you want them to in politics. Things often go the wrong way and it’s far too common to see people miss out on something they seriously believed in. This PAC has so much planned for us now. They are only beginning to show what they can do for the public.

End Citizens United info: mothershipstrategies.com/case-study/end-citizens-united/

Doug Jones Being Endorsed By End Citizens United For Senate

End Citizens United has just announced that it is going to endorse Doug Jones, a Democrat, for U.S. Senate. It has given a lot of reasons why this is being done.

Doug Jones is a former U.S. attorney. He will be running in the special election in Alabama. This will be against Roy Moore and will be held on Dec. 12.

End Citizens United claims that Moore is an extremist who has a bigoted agenda. Hence he will be defending a corrupt system in Washington. This is why it is important that he does not reach the Senate as he will be promoting their special interests while ignoring the everyday needs of the Alabamians. All this was announced by End Citizens United in a statement.

They say that Roy Moore has a radical agenda. This should not reach the U.S. Senate. He has an extreme ideology. This is in deep contrast to the values of Alabama and even America. While he was in Washington, Moore was giving the Big Money spenders having special interests much more importance than politics. In this way, Moore has been embarrassing Alabamians repeatedly. In addition, Moore and his wife have made over $1 million. This was from a charity owned and controlled by them.

This is why End Citizens United is endorsing Doug Jones who is known for being a man of character along with integrity. He has always been known to be a strong prosecutor. He always does what is right. He will be moving with the same commitment to the Congress. He will be able to unrig the system so that it starts to work for all Americans.

People of Alabama have been watching how Washington is leaving them behind. They are looking for reform that will empower voters. They will like to upend the broken system as it is prioritizing the deep-pocketed interests. These are ignoring the everyday needs of the Alabamians. Even Jones is keen to work with End Citizens United as he would like to curb this corrupting influence that Big Money is able to exert in politics.

End Citizens United has made certain other revelations too. They say that Moore is aligned with several special interest mega-donors who do shady businesses. These include the Mercer family as well as their close aide, Steve Bannon.

End Citizens United feels that the campaign of Moore is being supported by hate groups along with secretive organizations having dark money. He will only aid in promoting their causes in case he reaches the Senate.

This is something that End Citizens United will not like to happen. Hence it has decided to endorse Jones who is a committed person and understands the needs of the Albanians well.

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